How To Be the Lunchbox Rebel! (side effects include healthier kids and happier pocketbook)

How To Be the Lunchbox Rebel! (side effects include healthier kids and happier pocketbook)

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#Thrive Thursday: This week we celebrated Labour Day weekend, and many schools finally went back in. Where I live, the date to to go back was today. Everywhere I look, the knowledge that school isn’t quite the usual kids and teachers were used to, is active reality. With the pandemic upending many household sources of income, how household needs are met as kids go back to school also is no longer “the usual”. Last week I talked about the mixed up expectations around clothing at this time of year. I’d hoped to have a guest last Saturday, but between a sudden showing of our rental unit, and technical difficulties for the guest, I still don’t have their video for last Saturday’s #Shareday. Our home is on property being sold, so I spent all day Friday cleaning and tidying and my own FB Live didn’t happen which meant no Monday podcast. The BC provincial government had put a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic that lifted earlier in August, so our own home situation could be changing in coming months. Rest assured that during this unsettled period of modern-day history, I am right there with you!

[bctt tweet=”The current pandemic social/economic/political climate is the perfect time to break out of societally-accepted expectations and engage guilt-free in managing your home in a way that allows your resources to go the distance.” username=”songdovemd”]This includes your kids lunchboxes for school if you have chosen to send them back to the classroom. Suggestions that worked for my kids and that saved us a lot of money while giving them three meals a day including school lunches, can work whether you homeschool, remote school, or send them to the classroom down the street.

student thinking and studying at deskThe big realization is that you don’t need to include immunity-lowering popularly-expected elements in your kids’ lunches. This includes things like candy-infused granola bars, (this includes Quaker bars without any extra food colourings because of how much sugar is in their products), chocolate bars, cookies, two-bite brownies, fruit juice (too much sugar again), pop, gummies, etc. For starters, the idea of a dessert at every meal is preposterous at best, and draining on your pocketbook at the medicine counter at worst because you are literally building in sick-kid syndrome! Every single tablespoon of sugar lowers your immune system for a minimum of 6 hours! When you are sending your kids back into large groups, they need their immune system kept high, not lowered. So be the school parent rebel and refuse to deliberately lower your children’s immune systems. Teach them to say no to sweets from their friends too, particularly right now when the media has made it impossible to tell truth from fiction on the nature of this manmade virus. The saying “better to be safe than sorry” holds true here. Yes your children need an education, no they don’t need further immunity suppressing than what current anti-COVID mandated measures will already do. Be the bigger parent and maintain healthier children and a healthier grocery budget simply by the snacks and meals you pack in their lunches.

September is all about being a societal rebel in how you do or don’t spend your household budget. If you need lunch ideas that are healthy for your kids, message me using this form, or reach out on social media. I look forward to chatting with you.

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