Biblical Natural Health Coaching: What it is, is not, and why would I want it?

Biblical Natural Health Coaching: What it is, is not, and why would I want it?

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Marilynn Dawson, NHP S.M.A.R.T. Biblical Natural Health Coach
Marilynn Dawson, NHP
Biblical Natural Health Coach

Curious about Biblical Natural Health Coaching? Wondering if it’s right for you?

I am here to help you learn how to maintain or regain your health using food as medicine from a Biblical perspective and help you lessen, reduce, or even stop the cycle of ill health by how you feed your body.

Let’s take a moment to delve into what Biblical Natural Health Coaching is, what it isn’t, how it is offered, and how you can get started with it.

Biblical Natural Health Coaching. What is it?

Biblical – both a basis from which natural health is derived, and appealing to those who are considering alternative medicine but wary of the woo-woo side of it (for good reason!)

Biblical Natural Health Coaching

Natural – As opposed to synthetic or man-made. Whole food as opposed to pill-popping and expensive prescriptions at the pharmacy. Discovering what God created for our health and wellbeing and learning how to use it as part of our everyday lives.

Health – Addressing your health as an all-in-one unit as God created us in the beginning. Scientists and researchers are discovering more and more just how intersected our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual lives are to how our body utilizes the nutrition we give it and responds to the world around us. There’s no need to visit far eastern methods here. God has everything we need right in the pages of Scripture with principles and guidelines we can use to put information on food and health to good use.

Coaching – The manner in which someone comes alongside you to ask questions, keep you on track, guide you to answers, challenge you, educate you on the methods that will work best in your situation, etc.

Benefits of what you can learn when you hire me as your Biblical Natural Health Coach

1) Discover better general health by what you do and don’t eat. (no, I won’t make you go vegan)

2) Discover food and medicine growing in the wild, perhaps even outside your front door

3) Learn how to manage colds, flues, soreness, inflammation, headaches, cuts, scrapes, asthma, etc, using food as medicine and lower pharmacy expenses in the process

4) Learn how herbs and spices, dry or fresh, can benefit your health

5) Get clarification of questionable advice running around.

What results would I get if I hire a Biblical Natural Health Coach?

1) Spend less at the pharmacy

2) Get sick less often and recover faster when you do

3) Get a handle on chronic conditions by addressing underlying support systems

4) Stay on track with Dr-ordered lifestyle health changes

5) Validation! Have your health needs addressed based on your unique bio-chemistry!

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Why would I want a Biblical Natural Health Coach?

  1. Personal Devotional TimeYou want Biblical, historical, and science-based advice and recommendations on your specific health journey
  2. You want to get away from toxic Big Pharma at the doctor’s office.
  3. Your doctor has told you to change up your lifestyle or your health is going to get worse, but doing that on your own just isn’t going to happen. You need accountability.
  4. You don’t want to be sold a bunch of gimmicks or expensive products.
  5. Supplements are great and all (even necessary depending on the foods available in your area), but they can get expensive. You want to learn how to manage your everyday health in a more affordable manner.
  6. Recent years have shown you that mainstream medical can’t be trusted, and you want to learn how to manage your health on your own.
  7. You understand that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You understand that looking after your body is an act of worship. You know that Scripture says not to worship God using heathen means (such as New Age, Taoist, Hindu, Pagan or Wiccan methods), and you’re positive there has to be a way to look after your health naturally without all that stuff.

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Biblical Natural Health Coaching does not:

  • Biblical Natural Health Coaching

    “Diagnose and treat” specific maladies. Your naturopathic doctor does the diagnosing and treating. Your Biblical Natural Health Coach is complementary to your doctor’s efforts. With training as a Natural Health Practitioner with a focus on whole foods and wild herbs as both food and medicine, I can guide you in the foods and herbs necessary to deal with what your doctor has uncovered, but I will not render a diagnosis directly.

  • Claim to cure untreatable conditions. Your Biblical Natural Health Coach will help you create regimens to manage such conditions, but no claim is made to cure them.
  • Override doctor-prescribed medications. To the contrary, your Biblical Natural Health Coach will need to know what medications you are taking for what conditions, so that recommendations do not contraindicate, diminish or dangerously accelerate medications your doctor already has you taking. If you reach a place in your natural health where you wonder if a medication is necessary anymore, that is a conversation for you and your doctor.
  • Offer quick fixes! When using food as medicine, it is important to realize that desired effects take longer to realize than with manmade instant pills from the pharmacy. The benefits to the longer realization time are:

1) Less toxicity in the body,
2) Lower cost on the pocketbook,
3) Benefits from whole foods and herbs last longer with a wider benefit to the body as many foods and herbs have multiple benefits to the body, not just one isolated compound.

On average, it can take a few days to a few weeks to start seeing beneficial improvement depending on the form in which the food as medicine is used. Some foods act within a few hours or even minutes, but many others don’t.

Where can Biblical Natural Health Coaching take place?

personIt can take place offline (in the city where the coach lives) in person barring ability to meet due to unnecessary pandemic-induced restrictions. As your Biblical Natural Health Coach, I refuse to comply with regulations that will physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally harm you.

Coaching can happen over the phone. Give me a phone number you can be reached at, and at the appointment time, I will phone you.

Coaching can happen over social media private messaging services one to one, or in group sessions inside a private group. When things are spelled out in text format, they can be referred back to, reminders created from them, etc. Some social platforms allow their private messaging to be used as a video call, facilitating face to face over the Internet on that social platform.

Coaching can happen in group sessions as mentioned above, held inside private groups. Some social platforms allow for in-post lives similar to FB, so group appointments can be done via private group lives, group live Q&A’s, etc.

Coaching can happen over Zoom or Jitsi.  Jitsi is less well-known and therefore my preference, but I use Zoom as well on occasion. For group video calls on these platforms, interaction is not limited to text questions that get answered live, but attendees can “raise their hand” to verbally ask their question as well.

Want to work with a Biblical Natural Health Coach?

If you want to explore the idea of working with a Biblical Natural Health Coach, please visit this link to download the intake document, and to Biblical Natural Health Coachingfill out the request form. After I have received your request form, I will let you know where to upload your intake document ahead of your free complementary discovery session.

Our first session will discuss your intake document, your health goals, and what will be required to reach them. We will formulate a plan of action and set up a meeting schedule to address key points in that plan and for follow-up as each step is acted on. We will go over methods of payment as well, and payment must be made before the next session.

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