Tinnitus and the Health of Your Nervous System

Tinnitus and the Health of Your Nervous System

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How does one go from reading about Aphasia, to Schwann cells??? By following the bread crumbs through a few incriminating lines of text found in Pfizer documents that the FDA was forced to release to the public! Let me explain.

It is well-known, that Bruce Willis developed Aphasia and had to step away from his acting career as a result. A post was shared on MeWe back when I was still there, before they went web3 on everyone, where a doctor says he hadn’t diagnosed Aphasia for over 19 years, but suddenly found himself diagnosing it 4 times in the past 6 months, and all in patients who had received a third mRNA shot! Hmmm. . .

I went out and found a 38 page document of the 1,291 adverse events reported during Pfizer’s trials, and found this entry:

5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports
Page 1
1p36 deletion syndrome;2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria;5’nucleotidase increased; Acoustic neuritis; Acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency; Acquired epidermolysis bullosa;

Acquired epileptic aphasia; (emphasis mine)

Page 30

left earI separated out the aphasia note on purpose! However, we don’t have to look very far backward from that word, to find “Acoustic Neuritis”!!! What are others suddenly complaining about right now after their shots??? Tinnitus! You won’t find that word in the Pfizer document, but you DO see Acoustic Neuritis! Well, I had to do some digging!

A vaccine researcher has developed this problem within hours of a shot and is demanding answers! According to The Defender, over 19k people are reporting tinnitus problems after their mRNA shots to the VAERS database!


InfoWars has recently come across another study done on the VAERS database between 2021 and 2022, where it was the J&J and Moderna shots that were causing this condition as well.  Keep in mind that at best the VAERS database only logs up to 30% of reported incidents involving adverse events to vaccinations of any type.  I encourage you to read the article, and click the study link if you’d like to peruse what the researchers discovered that wasn’t quoted in the article.

end edit

So I had to follow this bunny trail and learn a bit more about acoustic neuritis and came across this aggregation of quotes among which are the following:

Snapshot A patient presents with hearing loss and tinnitus that began yesterday as well as a sensation that the room was “spinning” around them. On physical exam a horizontal nystagmus is observed. [medbullets.com ]

Damage to the ear nerve is one of many causes of tinnitus. [livestrong.com ]

neuronSchwann cells came up in discussions, and these cells are responsible for managing the health of nerves in the peripheral nervous system (coloured in yellow in this drawing), but oligodendrocytes have this job in the central nervous system. Interestingly, they have similar jobs! As someone who suffered a near nervous breakdown in early 1999, and who developed adrenal fatigue in the years that followed with my health taking a nosedive in 2013 and the discovery that my nerves were not responding well to any sort of “flight or fight” syndrome no matter how small it might be, I got a forced education on how necessary your myelin sheath is to the health of your nervous system in general, especially for your brain and Central Nervous System!!! Back then I learned that being put on a strict low-fat diet had been a major cause of the nerve-related problems I was experiencing and as I boosted my healthy-fat intake, my nerves began to repair. Almost a decade later, there are still aspects of my brain’s nervous system that have not fully recovered, but I am able to function better than I could in 2013.

Healthy fats are SO integral to your body’s nervous system health!

But another group of nutrients is also key to how your nervous system functions, and that is the full range of B vitamins, specifically B1, B5, B6 and B12. B12 is most readily available in meat, specifically red meat. If you want to avoid unnecessary nitrates, stick to unprocessed red meat and cook it yourself at home in whatever way you prefer, at no higher than 375F for however long it takes to get the meat to your favourite doneness for the given dish you are creating.

Simone Baltrusch from the Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University Medicine Rostock, Rostock, Germany has this to say in her paper: The Role of Neurotropic B Vitamins in Nerve Regeneration:

“The neurotropic B vitamins thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6), and cobalamin (B12) are key players, which maintain the neuronal viability in different ways. Firstly, they constantly protect nerves against damaging environmental influences. While vitamin B1 acts as a site-directed antioxidant, vitamin B6 balances nerve metabolism, and vitamin B12 maintains myelin sheaths. However, nerve injury occurs at times, because of an imbalance between protective factors and accumulating stress and noxae. This will result in the so-called Wallerian degeneration process. The presence of vitamins B1, B6, and B12 paves the way out to the following important regeneration by supporting the development of new cell structures. Furthermore, vitamin B1 facilitates the usage of carbohydrates for energy production, whereas vitamin B12 promotes nerve cell survival and remyelination. Absence of these vitamins will favor permanent nerve degeneration and pain, eventually leading to peripheral neuropathy.”
Citation: Baltrusch S. The Role of Neurotropic B Vitamins in Nerve Regeneration. Biomed Res Int. 2021;2021:9968228. Published 2021 Jul 13. doi:10.1155/2021/9968228

Essential Fatty Acids known as EPA/DHA found in fish, have also proven to be extremely helpful in health and maintenance of the brain’s Central Nervous System. In general, Omega 3 essential fatty acids are integral to healthy brain and Central Nervous System maintenance! If your CNS nerves don’t have their associated oligodendrocytes doing their jobs, demyelination can occur and with it, reduced nerve communication.

This is similar to the degraded signal that can happen if the insulation around an electrical wire disintegrates and falls apart. You don’t want that to happen, so you want a healthy nervous system, which means supplying the tiny nerve helpers, the Schwann and oligodendrocytes, with the tools they need to keep the nerves fed, replenished, replaced, and insulated.

We already know that a major category of side effects from the shot, is neurological in nature, and acoustic neuritis falls into that category due to the nerve in the inner ear being an already known cause of tinnitus in the past.

One article I tripped across discussing various ways a person can support the proper functioning and rebuilding of the myelin sheath around their nerves, included a nutritional section where several other nutrients are discussed that are becoming a common refrain among those seeking to get word out about what helps prevent or deal with COVID-19 or assist in dealing with side effects from the inoculations. Nutrients such as Vitamins C and D, minerals such as Zinc and Iron. I won’t share the link with you because many of the write-ups they include only mention studies on animals, not people and I have seen in my own textbooks, studies that did include people where these nutrients were beneficial for a wide range of organs and body systems, including the Nervous system!

I’m going to show you a short chart now, to illustrate some of this. I’m going to create a sample list of foods, herbs and spices just for the Central Nervous System, Ear health, and Ear Infections, then I will mark which ones have the B, C, and D vitamins as well as Zinc and Iron.

CNS sample list
Click to view larger image of chart

Foods, herbs and spices that contain these nutrients are actually quite abundant and available in most gardens, grocery stores, and in many foods growing wild as well. Dandelion for example, not in this example chart, contains a wide range of nutrients and an equally wide range of beneficial uses to maintain a healthy body or assist in regaining one’s health. It easily sits in the category of an all-rounder food. (just don’t harvest the roots from those that were sprayed!!!)

Dr Mercola and others advocate what I’ve been doing to maintain my own health for years now, and that is use your daily diet to do the maintenance! Sure supplements can be of assistance, but a) they are often expensive to get the really decent stuff, and b) you have to be more mindful of dosage because supplements don’t manage self-regulation the way whole foods do. Whole-food nutrition often realizes greater benefits than individual constituents of those foods by themselves.

Will this sample list of foods aid in treating acoustic neuritis, that is a question for your naturopathic doctor. Will this sample list help in preventing it? In combination with a healthy daily diet that encompasses the whole body, and in keeping with a lifestyle that manages stress wisely with adequate sleep to let the body rejuvenate at night, very likely. If you are beginning those adjustments now after decades of not living that way, you may be in catch-up mode and depending on how badly your nervous system was allowed to deteriorate, the effort to regain full nervous system health could go on for a long time as I’ve already shared with my own health story.

A larger discussion on how food as medicine can aid the nervous system is found in a recent workshop I put on that you can attend anytime at your leisure by registering at this link here.

(For previous articles written before April 2022 related to the intersection of faith and health, please visit my author website for the year 2021.)

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