Meet the New Logo!

Meet the New Logo!

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Biblical Natural Health CoachingThis brand new logo represents the focus of Biblical Natural Health Coaching.

Yellow/Gold: The shining brightness of Christ, the One who made the worlds and all that in them is, the One who came to earth first to bring Salvation and soon to return as King of kings and Lord of lords. When my son thinks of the Word of God, the Bible, this is Who and What he sees.

Blue: God, Who dwells in the heavens and made His home with mankind. His Words in the Scriptures telling us the way to live before Him.

Green: The herbs, plants, fruits, spices, wild and domestic, the animals and fish and birds that God created for our health and sustenance.

Brown: The natural world in which we live, the one God told us to conquer, subdue, and steward, generally likening this to husbandry or farming.

My desire for Biblical Natural Health Coaching is to encourage you to look after and manage your everyday health in a natural way that honours God by doing things His way.

This logo reflects the various reasons I chose the courses I did for my Natural Health Practitioner’s Diploma from New Eden: I wanted to study natural health, Biblical wellness, whole food nutrition, and herbology.

The Biblical wellness is complementary to the Life Coach certification I obtained in April 2020.

The herbology is complementary to all the researching I’ve been doing over the past 7+ years of foraging and wildcrafting from among what God grows in the wilds.

Whole Food nutrition because for many years, using food as medicine was a major way to stay healthy in my home.

Natural health, because I wanted all this tied together in a way that could help those that mainstream medical has begun to shun, waive off, or ignore.

As of March 2022, I became a Natural Health Practitioner offering Biblical Natural Health Coaching using food as medicine to maintain your natural health God’s way!

You will see this logo on this site, on my business cards, in my group, and on various forms of literature created for my clients.

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