New Shock Warning: Beware the Lentivirus!  The what???

New Shock Warning: Beware the Lentivirus! The what???

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A new shock warning is going out in some quarters as of this week, warning about a future “Lentivirus Apocalypse”!  Although I just wrapped up my Natural Health Practitioner training, I was not familiar with this term: Lentivirus.  It hadn’t come up in my studies anywhere.  This means off to do some self-education to a) find out what it is, and b) find out what the potential for these shock warnings is.

For starters, Lentivirus refers to a very slow-incubating family of viruses in the retrovirus family.  Corona viruses are also in the retrovirus family.  Both types of viruses have animal and human variants, but Lentiviruses seem to very much be species specific even more so than corona viruses.  For humans, there are two known Lentiviruses: HIV-1 and HIV-2.

It is said that with either HIV variant, there is a cycle of incubation that can last up to 10 years or more, followed by an outbreak.  This outbreak can be brought under control and the virus appears go into remission for who knows how long before it eventually breaks out as general disease that often get classified as other pathologies unrelated to HIV. It’s final stage is what we call AIDS. It is also said that this virus never leaves the human body and therefore can’t be “cured”, only managed.  Entire non-profits, support groups, books, seminars and workshops exist to help HIV sufferers find relief for their condition and take action to stay healthy and even force it into remission.  As a result, most consider HIV to be a treatable, if not curable condition.

While reading up on this term: Lentivirus, I came across promotional material that made it sound like the best thing since sliced bread for the laboratory community!  Check out this PDF from 2018. If that second page doesn’t make you flinch, you’re suspicious!

However, another PDF from 2014:  discusses how this virus family works, and what makes it so useful to the biological sciences.  I’ll provide a few quotes in image format as UC Barbara protected the document from copy/paste.  

Note the potential for aerosol vector in the grey box below:

Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 2

Note the HIV cycle in the light grey and graph above.

The highlighted section below is my own highlighting before taking this screenshot.  This is extremely important information to ponder!

Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 1

Keep that last line there in mind as we continue on here.  Below, we see the hint of a problem developing.

Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 3

Carefully read the second paragraph in the top left of this next image below.  The ability to infect non-dividing cells and where those cells are stated to be is of interest here.

Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 4 Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 5

The biosafety note above should be taken into consideration as we consider how many stories are starting to surface of increases in previously-thought-to-be-in-remission cases of cancer!

The top paragraph below should also be ringing alarm bells for those following both the rhetoric and the discoveries that “vaxx” researchers are uncovering.

Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 6

The guidelines discussed below are intended for use among researchers in a lab setting, but let’s move to the bottom paragraph.

Lentiviral_Vectors_University_of_Cincinnati-March2014 7

The ticket to dealing with this involves the use of antivirals that inhibit or block viral Reverse Transcripterase.  In The Spike Relief Workshop, I went over a few suggestions for dealing with Reverse Transcripterase!  Here is the slide from that workshop:

spike workshop slide 62

Zinc and Quercetin also aid anti-viral foods, herbs and spices in doing their work inside the cells of your body to fight off infection and keep you healthy.  But who knew that one day, the entire globe would be fighting off viral HIV variants considered by the lab community to be the best way to deliver so-called vaccines directly to the cells of the body?!

The Spike Relief Workshop On DemandMany of the observed 1,291 adverse reactions in Pfizer’s submitted documents to the FDA, deal with the Central Nervous System, inflammation anywhere, and often multi-systemic, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, the liver, and the brain!  I STRONGLY urge you to register for The Spike Relief Workshop at your earliest convenience!  Give yourself at least 1.5hrs (the length of the workshop video), up to several hours to go over the handouts and download the supporting documentation zip files linked in the handouts.  Every single person alive now needs this information!

The scary thing for me, is that people were crowing about and researching how to use variants of HIV way back in the early to mid 2000’s.  The first time I came across this research was for “The FUN vaccine”!  Follow the various links in this article for your own research!  

Over the next 5 to 10 years, various doctors are forecasting more cardiovascular events like never before, more neurological problems like never before, and we have the threat of actual HIV outbreaks in that time frame now as well.

This reminds members of my family of passages in Revelation where various plagues and pestilences attack those who took The Mark of the Beast, but left the unmarked alone.  Boils are mentioned, inability to handle the sun, just to name two.  Scripture talks about how men’s hearts will fail them for fear of what is coming on the earth.  High fear and stress already weaken immune systems and make people more prone to various illnesses and body system breakdowns.  This is why allowing mainstream media and mainstream medical to whip the populace into a heightened and sustained level of fear and stress has been so damaging!  The human mind and body without Christ can’t handle it!  People are wanting to be DONE with what’s going on around us, but the past 2 years were just the beginning!  The only way we can leave those two years behind is to be prepared to deal with what’s to come.

HIV came on the scene back in the early ’80’s, rising to what was thought at that time to be near-epidemic levels in certain populations that now want to destroy our children in woke societies.  Now we have a slow brew happening in every single person who has not yet died of the inoculation!  You’ll notice one of the earlier links before the pictorial quotes, that one article actually states this virus works very well for gene transfer!  When you hear people calling the inoculation “gene therapy”, believe them!  That’s exactly what is going on, and as much as each person is able, there are available foods, herbs and spices that can aid in waging war on behalf of those we love!

(For previous articles written before April 2022 related to the intersection of faith and health, please visit my author website for the year 2021.)

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