Doctor Shortages and Maintaining Your Health

Doctor Shortages and Maintaining Your Health

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Articles like this are one of the reasons I am doing what I’m doing.

If you are able to manage your own health or that of your family in a way that reduces the need for medical intervention, then that medical intervention may be available to those who do need it. Food as medicine covers a wide range of prevention, maintenance, recuperation and treatment issues, but it won’t deal with a bone that needs to be reset for example, or stitches if necessary, or other potentially invasive procedures. Even then, if you are able to visit a naturopathic or functional/integrative medicine doctor, you’ll be in safer hands than mainstream medical these days.

dollar valueIt’s interesting that the above article mentioned the per-patient fee the government pays doctors here in BC. I don’t know what the office rentals and resulting overhead are for having in-person offices and equipment and staff to maintain various medical practices, but I do know what decent Internet, telecommunications, computer equipment, printer/paper/ink, and other costs are for doing business just in a home office/online. Varying business needs will have just that list go up and down in price, let alone adding on medical equipment, medical software, associated furniture for patient rooms, consumables in the various cabinets, etc. So to hear one doctor in this article talk about the pressure to see more clients to get more pay, pushing admin duties off into what should be family time, kind of gets my goat a little!

I’ve always believed in establishing boundaries. Work hours are at given times, family/church hours are at given times, and if clients insist work hours go into family time, I charge double! I’ve had to make that policy go even for those in the church family because they thought I should be available at all hours of the day into the evening sometimes as late as 9:30pm!!! The pandemic began showing employers and employees that a lack of such boundaries was causing burnout, and there was even a debate starting to rage across Canada whether employers should respect employee downtime! I could not believe my eyes when that article ran across my screen! Boundaries are extremely important and I wrote about those a few times in the past, addressing them to working single mothers. The truth of those articles however, doesn’t just apply to them, but to everyone. As a single mother of grown kids myself, boundaries were essential when my kids were growing up!

The Poor Man's Budget - a 5 Week Course - Learning to Live Within Your MeansThe lady interviewed in this article presents the need to manage finances, boundaries, work, and family life. As I’ve called it in the past, Time and Money management. I wrote a course around these issues that is now out of print since leaving Amazon the hard way, but I plan to offer it as PDF going forward. I had set up coaching modules around it as well: Taming the Clock, Taming the Coin and Taming the Cupboard. Originally, articles on this site were written around those concepts.

I can’t talk about Taming the Cupboard without invariably getting into the concept of food as medicine, which is why I got so excited when God made a way for me to get my Natural Health Practitioner’s Diploma in such a manner that I could choose my electives and make whole food nutrition and medical herbalism significant parts of the program. Even a course on foods found in the Bible was included!

Eating for health, not merely for taste buds, has kept my own family out of the doctor’s office and generally healthier than many around us who have been more free with their food choices. My kids sometimes look back at what I was feeding them in their younger years, aghast at how simple it was, but when I look at those simple meals (all I could afford back then), in light of what I have learned in recent years, God was managing our health using food as medicine even before I clued into that being the case. When my kids hit middle and high school, I was actively using food as medicine at home and when we began learning about foraging, it stepped up just that much the more! When we downsized into a tiny home fall of 2020, our collected stash of various dried herbs did NOT get downsized and came with us!

We rarely go to see a medical doctor, and since the pandemic forced mainstream medical into doing some very unhealthy things and enforcing very unhealthy mandates and protocols among doctors and nurses, we have tried even harder not to head their direction for any reason. A broken tooth a couple months ago has forced me to go to a local dentist and I return this week to get the repair “bite adjusted”. Food as medicine won’t repair a broken tooth, although over time, it can repair enamel and other oral cavity-related conditions.

Because of doctor shortages here in BC and other places as well, and because mainstream medical has become so unsafe to deal with (just look up various stories of people going for one thing and coming out with a covid shot for example), now more than ever it is my desire to see people empowered to handle general health via natural means in a God-honouring way!

If you are interested in working with me as your Biblical Natural Health Coach, click here to learn more about what such coaching is and isn’t, and then contact me for your free initial meeting together. The idea of “vaxx passports” has already proven discriminatory between the “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed” and caused various organizations to spring up offering alternative medical options. Let’s get you looking after yourself and those you have at home, with the means God has already provided for you. This will take a burden off a medical system that is straining for more reasons than this article shares.

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