Researchers Condemn “Vaxx”/Menstruation Problem Gaslighting, While Contradicting Themselves!

Researchers Condemn “Vaxx”/Menstruation Problem Gaslighting, While Contradicting Themselves!

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It’s good to see these studies finally coming out in mainstream avenues, but it’s an ongoing frustration for many who have had to deal with these issues with little to no support. The menstrual issues are not merely affecting women who got the inoculations. They are also affecting women who have to be near those who got the shots! The authors of the study are, unfortunately, “woke” in the terminology they use around the issue of menstruation, but were otherwise wanting to bring valid concerns into the spotlight. According to the study involving 39,129 women between the ages of 18 and 80, all four major “vaxx” providers plus Novavax were represented in the study, although it appears Novavax was lumped into “other” in charts for “vaxx” type/provider. 

One note of interest to me as I combed the study, was this statement:

“… the combination of having been pregnant but not given birth is associated with the highest risk of heavier flow.”

There are only two reasons a woman won’t give birth after getting pregnant – miscarriage, and abortion. . . hmmm. . .

The two graphs below show other conditions predisposing women to post-“inoculation” menstrual problems:

4-5Investigating trends in those who experience menstrual bleeding changes after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination
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Another note of interest:

“…There was no significant difference in rate of occurrence of breakthrough bleeding by vaccine type…”

This is important to note because there are doctors out there who somehow think Novavax and others similar to it, are safer than the mRNA “vaccines”.

Chart Investigating trends in those who experience menstrual bleeding changes after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination4
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I don’t think much of the authors’ insistence on “gender-inclusivity” throughout their paper. There are clearly only two genders, as evidenced by the concerns of those who made cosmetic changes via hormonal treatments being bothered by this issue of bleeding as well.

On a control versus population trust note however, I LOVE this paragraph:

“Gaps in knowledge of how menstrual cycles respond to acute and chronic immune and inflammatory stressors can be understood as a form of ignorance which is produced and reproduced based upon structural, cultural, and political decisions (89). The data presented and discussed here highlights how anthropological mixed-methods research approaches that engage in listening rather than strictly pro forma hypothesis-driven research is necessary during emerging phenomena. Taking the time to listen and notice allows us to observe things that may not fit into our established narratives and to take responsibility for our role in knowledge dissemination as scientists” (emphasis mine)

In The Spike Relief Workshop I created, it came to light that dealing with menstrual anomalies involves all the advice given for anti-spike shedding.  The study above claims  in a quoted paragraph below, that hormonal upset cannot be the cause, but it would appear from various sources that reproductive hormonal behaviour is impacted by the “vaxx” and occurs in those dealing with “vaxx shedding”.   

As a result, I take issue with this paragraph:

Menstruation is an inflammatory and hemorrhagic event that must be resolved quickly to restore uterine function and prevent infection and continued hemorrhage (14, 75). Disruption of the normal coagulation pathway of the endometrium may delay the repair mechanisms that allow menses to end quickly. A few of our findings suggest that vaccination is less likely to be affecting periods via ovarian hormone pathways, and more likely along these inflammatory pathways. For instance, we found little difference between respondents with spontaneous and hormonally contracepting cycles in the rate of post-vaccine heavy menstrual flow. If changes in menstrual bleeding were due to vaccine-related disruption of ovarian hormones, we would expect that regularly menstruating people taking hormonal contraception would be far less likely to experience changes, as their cycles are largely regulated by exogenous hormones. We also found a significant proportion of formerly menstruating people, including post-menopausal participants with presumably dormant ovaries, experienced breakthrough bleeding.  (emphasis mine)

I have a feeling that due to the “woke” leanings of the authors, taking this contradictory anti-hormonal position from “a few of our findings” is less scientifically-based and more ideologically-based.  Hormonal contraception is still hormonal interference just as “gender affirming” hormonal treatment is hormonal interference.  Hormones influence the build-up of tissue in the endometrium, and facilitate the nature of menses afterward. Failure to acknowledge the hormones that are responsible for the uterus’ build-up and cleansing cycle is, in my opinion, potentially fatal to the purposes of this study and quite selectively-narrow-minded from a supposedly open-minded source.

Perhaps understanding the predisposing concerns that can lead to menstrual problems would be helpful.  Addressing those underlying concerns could aid greatly in lowering or even halting menstrual trouble in people with those predisposing situations. 

Regarding the group with the highest risk of menstrual trouble, those who got pregnant but did not give birth; other than miscarriages, reasons for not giving birth often involve some form of abortion after getting pregnant, with some of those methods being hormonal treatments.  It is actually possible to have a herbal abortion by eating herbs that kick reproductive hormones into gear that normally do not activate until after the birthing process is completed.  Some may unethically refer to this as an “all natural” abortion.  But let’s face it, murder is murder whether it’s done with herbs, synthetic chemicals or surgery! 

There are herbs and foods that affect the reproductive system in both men and women.  Some increase reproductive processes, others quell them.  Many are touted for increasing libido with some having better results than others.  You won’t find me advertising myself as a herbal sex therapist as a result!  Others can go that route if they choose.  But because herbs can be used to regulate body hormone/chemical levels for everything from lymph and endocrine to reproductive and growing child development, it is no wonder that hormonal treatments are being used to enable so-called “gender changes” in children, youth, and adults.  (see first graphic above) The discovery that these treatments predispose women (and even young girls have been reported with these problems) to equally high chances of menstrual trouble post-inoculation or post-vaxx-shedding encounter, points solidly to the fact that YES! The inoculations ARE impacting reproductive hormonal regulation that controls the uterus’ build-up and cleansing cycle, even kickstarting it for women who thought they were past that stage of life!

However, for all this report’s flaws, there are a few points to take note of, and I have added this to a new folder for future updates on The Spike Relief Workshop.

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