It was an Epic Battle! The Bread Buns Vs The Pancakes!

It was an Epic Battle! The Bread Buns Vs The Pancakes!

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bread rollsThere was a bag of buns on the shelf, you see, that at a cost of $5 for 24 rolls, was generally cheaper than what it cost to make a batch of homemade pancakes way back when. That same bag still costs $5, but now only contains 18 buns (as of early 2022), and most of the time, those are a full 3rd smaller than the old buns at that.

I did a new set of calculations figuring out how much each ingredient would cost for a batch of pancakes (8 to 9 lunch-plate-sized pancakes) and total cost minus how much propane gets used as I don’t know that calculation for our gas range, works out to 70C per batch! We often eat two pancakes per meal just like we eat two buns per meal. That works out to 8c/pancake. If that $5 bag still held 24 buns, 24 pancakes currently costs $2.10!

Do note my pancake recipe has no oil or eggs in it. Oil gets used in the frying pan if bacon grease is not available (and we don’t buy bacon, it only enters the house when it’s been given to us) and I’m not sure how much gets used in that process.

Pancakes n sausages on the bbqBut right now, one batch of pancakes could cover breakfast and lunch for the household each day! It would take 7 days to spend on pancakes what we used to spend on a 24 roll bag of buns (that is now 18 buns instead!)

Now if I can figure out how to crush wild buckwheat seeds into flour, I can drop the cost of those pancakes even further. Curly Dock is a member of the buckwheat family, and efforts so far to crush the seed do a great job of crushing the large bran casing that covers the tiny seed, but doesn’t crush the seed itself (mortar and pestle, food processor). I end up with very fluffy pancakes with an unexpected crunch to them as a result, as if I’d added crushed flaxseed to the recipe! Wild buckwheat/oatmeal pancakes are more expensive due to the oatmeal rather than wheat flour, and that combo is very fluffy too, with a crunch! (the wild buckwheat seed).  UPDATE 2024:  Having a high-powered blender helps!  My crushing still isn’t flour-fine, but a lot finer than it was when this post was first written.

Anyway, I did one last calculation as I typed this out. One month’s worth of buns is roughly $37 while one month’s worth of pancakes is roughly $9! I think even if I could calculate the propane used to heat the frying pan and the oil used to keep it from sticking, the pancakes would still end up cheaper than that shrinking bag of buns.

Biblical Natural Health CoachingI can teach you how to do this kind of math for your own household comparing ingredients/time/effort against the lowest cost available foods premade for you at the most affordable grocery store in your area (whether or not you actually shop there, as many sneer at low-cost or budget grocery stores). Food processing plant sabotage is happening at a coordinated rate now. You’ll want to know a) what you’re willing to do for yourself and your household and b) what that will cost you compared to the food products you’re used to buying that may or may not be there in coming months. If you’re interested in having me help you figure this out for yourself, reach out to me to discuss coaching rates and arranging your initial free session.

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