Pharmaceutical Medications and Natural Medicine

Pharmaceutical Medications and Natural Medicine

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Over-prescribing medications has been a problem here in Canada too, for probably just as long as in the US. If they aren’t waiving you off, they are giving you meds. This is a huge reason my kids and I stopped going to the doctor unless we were about ready to drop dead! My parents say the same thing and my Mother is a former RN! Unfortunately she had to go back into the hospital a week ago and I haven’t heard how that is going, but we are praying for her every day that God will be her Great Physician and ensure healing and nutrition.

Dr Mercola makes a recommendation near the end of this article that to me, is a big deal! He suggests you make a chart of all the medications in your medicine cabinet. List their names, dosages, why you are taking them, who prescribed them, start date, etc. He then says to take this list to your doctor to review once a year, and take it to any other doctor or specialist you may see. I’d add that if you are wanting to transition to natural health care, that you take that same list to your naturopathic doctor or natural health practitioner such as myself.

biohazard iconMy intake form and my whole food assessment survey ask for your medical history because even in the world of food as medicine, some foods, beverages, herbs, spices etc, can negatively interact with existing medications and cause undesirable side effects. Just because food is natural (or should be!) doesn’t mean it can’t have contraindications. Many go into natural health thinking that everything is fine, when the same careful considerations must be made in the natural world as in the pharmaceutical world.

As your Biblical Natural Health Coach, I won’t tell you to go off medications your doctor prescribed. But I will endeavor to make suggestions that don’t interfere with that medication while helping you regain your health naturally. If you reach a point with my services where you feel as if you could go off certain medications, that would mean a follow-up visit with your doctor to make that decision. I do not replace your doctor, I am complimentary to them.

There are other shockers in this article as well, so be sure you are sitting down when you read this one! I guarantee you there is a class of medicine recipients in this article, who DO NOT NEED what they are being given! See if you can pick out which group that is. . . (that article will not be available for free, 48hrs from now)


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