When Anger Motivates! Because the Death Sentence is Unacceptable!

When Anger Motivates! Because the Death Sentence is Unacceptable!

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They make me very nearly spitting-mad! Back in 2019 when I found the natural health practitioner diploma I wanted to train for, none of this was happening and all I wanted to do was use the knowledge I was gaining in my foraging research, to help others learn how to manage their health naturally using food as medicine! While that goal is still here after getting my diploma in March, the funds that came available to get it were due to pandemic stimulus, and as I was effectively cramming 2yrs of study into 8 months, I watched as the mainstream medical system under government dictates, devolve into medical tyranny!!! That gave me even more impetus to get this diploma in hand! There are times when organs fail over long-time conditions that could have been treated far earlier in the process, with diet changes, lifestyle changes, etc. There are foods that have been shown to prevent or even assist in the treatment of cancers, and we know cancers are often a cause for organ transplants. The key is catching things early in development, not waiting as Mainstream Medical does, till the person is on death’s door before saying there’s a problem!

Are you feeling “under the weather”? Are you feeling “blue”? Are close people saying your behaviour has changed in recent months? Do you feel as if you aren’t who you were a year ago? Do you find yourself craving things you had little interest in before? Maybe there is something going on under the surface that a simple whole food assessment will reveal. We can determine which body systems to develop a support plan for and work through that plan together. Let’s do this years before you reach the stage of: transplant or die!

I don’t want to see you one day, facing the unconscionable reality of no treatment for conscience reasons. The lady in this article, at the time this vent is being written, faces death by “vaxx” if she capitulates, or death by illness if she doesn’t. Either way, she’s been handed a death sentence by mainstream medical! Don’t let that be YOU!

As a Biblical Natural Health Coach, how I offer my services will make more sense to born-again Christians who are not “woke”, liberal, or politically correct. If you are not a believer and you look at the first few pages of my legal intake form, you will see places where you must initial this understanding before signing at the bottom. You have to know where I come from and what drives the background of my services as a Natural Health Practitioner. Do my services cost money? Yes they do, as they have throughout history. You are paying for the education and services I offer that you can take home and gain years of benefit from, long after your recommended plan of action has had it’s intended outcome.

mainstream medical

But this is the second article in one day to cross my desk that darn near has me livid at Mainstream Medical here in Canada! The common man on the street who has chosen autonomy over their body rather than medical tyranny is being condemned to die for making that choice!

Death if you do and death if you don’t is not a choice!

It’s a sentence!

An unacceptable death sentence!

Refuse to accept that sentence and take back your health!


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