Help Your Gut Help You Avoid Problems With Glyphosate!

Help Your Gut Help You Avoid Problems With Glyphosate!

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A major factor in using food as medicine, particularly whole food as medicine, is the ability of your intestinal system to properly process the food you give it, so the rest of your body can benefit from it. A major modern hurdle around this issue, is weed killer. Glyphosate to be precise, the same compound found in Monsanto’s Roundup that you can buy at the garden centre downtown. This weed killer gets into the roots of living plants, ground water, etc. Mercola writes about this threat and various side effects that attack the body as a result of this threat.

Dr Seneff, who he shares info from in the above article, recommends something called Glycine to bind the glyphosate and eliminate it via your kidneys. In a similar vein of thinking, Dr. Axe also recommends Glycine and goes into more detail as to the foods you can find it in, in the last section of his article here.

Biblical natural healthMercola stresses eating only grass-fed animal foods. Here in Canada, our cattle are fed hay more often than not, our goats and sheep are grass/pasture raised, etc. Hay is dried grass that’s been mowed, dried, raked and then baled. Other countries however, tend to have more feedlots than ranchland and often, feedlots feed their animals grain mixes that include pellets with long ingredient lists. I am aware that in the US, feedlots are common, so inquire about local cattle pastures and buy from those farmers instead.

Another list of supplements/foods that one can use to cleanse their body from glyphosate, is at the end of this article here. They too, say to avoid grain-fed animal foods, and like Mercola, they also recommend kicking up your body’s autophagy via sauna usage.

Metal-chelating foods are also of assistance to help in binding up glyphosate as it is a phosphate, a mineral. While we need phosphates in our body, we don’t need the levels used to kill wild food (the so-called weeds!!!).

Glyphosate is also a pesticide, causing the guts of harmful (they think) bugs to explode. However, long term, it can do the same in human guts as my own brother has found out the hard way. This is where pre and probiotic foods come into play, in rebuilding the gut flora necessary to help flush through harmful chemicals such as glyphosate.

The positive news in all of this, is that glyphosate IS a compound the body can get rid of! All you have to do is avail yourself of the foods and activities that fit your budget and schedule, to regularly keep this chemical flushing out of your system. As you’ll see in the last link above, it is pretty much impossible to get away from this chemical unless you live far enough away from farmland and you homestead/forage for your food. God has given us ways to rid our bodies of this and other chemicals, and in so doing, to allow our bodies to do the jobs God built them to do.

Natural health using whole food as medicine, begins in the gut. Help your gut help you by feeding it foods that allow it to do it’s job better.

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