Novel Ways to Bless Others With Natural Health

Novel Ways to Bless Others With Natural Health

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dollar valueThe occasional person who follows me will be familiar with the conundrum that faces many Christian service providers: how to charge for our services. While Scripture from Genesis to Revelation shares God’s expectations of how business should be done, gives examples of wise vs poor businessmen and women; and while on the one hand God uses the wealthy in Scripture to fund the Kingdom and on the other, warns against get-rich-quick schemes and the danger that material riches have in turning people’s eyes away from God, there are still many in the Church around the world who somehow believe God is against His people earning a living and get offended when they see fellow believers advertising their goods and services. I had one lady leave my Natural Health, God’s Way group on MeWe, block me, and start slandering me over this very thing earlier this year. I only heard about it from a friend who reported it to me. Its as if, to these people, the Christian world should not support its members and to suggest otherwise is anathema. These same people are often observed however, giving to fundraisers, giving to missions endeavours, giving tithes or offerings at church, and supporting their favourite evangelist on TV. The dichotomy is a head scratcher for me, but I’m not the only one who has come up against it.

The controversy over a believer charging for their services gets muddied further when they, or those around them, refer to the service they offer as a ministry. This has led to the term “businesstry” being coined among those trying to make sense of this particular conundrum. The “issue” if one can call it that, is what drives many in the unsaved space into the career of their choosing. They often say the calling found them, or they found their life’s calling. For the Christian to say they answered God’s call on their life to do this or that seems to automatically imply ministry, rather than business, to those who hear it. As if only the unsaved are allowed to go into business having found their life’s calling.

Then if those two issues weren’t enough, if you happen to be of the mind where those on fixed income or low income should have equal access to the same services as those who pay top dollar, how do you price what you do?

The first time I mentioned this issue with my retired RN mother, she wondered about a tiered pricing structure that would appeal to those at the top as well as those at the bottom. She suggested putting out the pricing that top tier clients would respect, but offering discounts to those who couldn’t afford those prices. On the surface, this makes sense till you realise how I shop. If I see a price I can’t afford, I don’t stop to ask the vendor if they offer discounts, I simply move on. If I exist, and God did not create human islands, He created human communities, then others out there will shop in a similar manner.

crowdfund natural healthA lady I met face to face this past weekend, suggested crowdfunding my natural health services. People could pay according to various tiers and receive services based on that level of funding, or forgo the tier’s offer and make it available to someone else who might not be able to afford the same service. The more I thought about that, the more it made sense. I am used to keeping client funds on file for future use from my techsupport days. This wouldn’t be too much different. Invoices are paid from the credit on file.

gift of natural healthA couple other thoughts then crossed my mind, what if people want to gift natural health to someone else? How would they do this? So I found a simple, plain gift card method that would work with my website’s shop. Now a named person known to the purchaser, could receive a gift card for my natural health services.

pay it forwardSo far, these thoughts addressed those who prefer to engage in fundraising and those who prefer to give gifts. But what about those who want to feed into the natural health of others with no thought of ever taking advantage of my services themselves? There are people out there who already work with a natural health practitioner of some stripe. Those who have a naturopathic doctor. Those who have a herbalist they go to, and they don’t want to switch over to my services, but want to pay into the health of others who can’t afford it. For this group, I came up with a $10/mo subscription. Their only reward is that they have pitched in to help someone else they may never meet, maintain or regain their health naturally, God’s way.

This last feature would let me set up sponsored client calls, maybe hold workshops for those who can’t afford the $20 fee because that $20 is all they have to buy milk, bread, peanut butter and jam and that food has to last them till the end of the month. I know how that feels! I’ve been in that space to the point where even a month filled with $5 events put me in tears because it was either attend the events or put food on the table. I chose to put food on the table! These people still have to look after their health and that of their families, regardless of how life got them to where they are. Having a Pay it Forward fund allows me to reach out to these households and make a difference in the state of their natural health.

So there we have it:

  • Two ways to raise funds to enable natural health for those who may not otherwise afford my services:
    • Crowdfunding (one-off support with tiered offers that can be used or passed over by the purchaser), and
    • Pay It Forward (monthly recurring support with no tiered offers to the subscriber).
  • One way to send gift cards.
  • Those who otherwise can afford my natural health services are free to use the Free Session request form as we begin their natural health journey together, and regular rates apply after that first complementary session.

If you’re all for fundraising, you are now able to fund-raise natural health for others or take advantage of the fundraising tiers for a need you have.

If you are all for monthly support of causes you care about deeply, you can become a monthly subscriber to provide natural health to those less fortunate than yourself, literally anywhere around the world, even here at home. Remember, this subscription service is not for your own health, but that of someone else.

If you believe in giving meaningful gifts to people, giving the gift of natural health is second only to offering them Christ’s gift of Salvation.

It is my sincere hope, that in offering these methods of covering my services, that you will see a way that resonates with how you feel money should flow within the Body of Christ.

One note however, I am not a non-profit, nor a not-for-profit, so funds raised cannot provide you a charitable receipt in any way, and when those funds are used to provide services, Canadian GST will be deducted from funds raised to pay that portion of the invoiced services rendered.

If you are uncomfortable supporting Christians in business, but feel there are other ways Christians can support each other financially and I did not touch on it here, by all means let me know what that method is and I’ll consider whether it can be added to my list of methods above.

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