Spicy Parasitic Commentary, with a Side of Troubling Hindsight?

Spicy Parasitic Commentary, with a Side of Troubling Hindsight?

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pillsWhile I no longer recommend going to mainstream medical offices for anything other than broken bones and the like, I do appreciate the research of those who still maintain higher standards in the medical research space.

This guest article that Mercola published today, is quite long, and the helpful tidbit is on page 11 with 4 footnotes there. Those footnotes lead to research papers where the alternatives suggested, do show up in lists for dealing with covid-19 and/or the shot and/or shedding and/or shot adverse effects.

Those alternatives are: Ivermectin, Azythromycin (remember the Z Pack?), Nutmeg, Aloe Vera, and Eucalyptus.

We already know the first two are anti-parasitic in nature. There are a number of anti-parasitic foods you can replace those medications with, especially if your government has banned or made those medications difficult to get.

nutmegNutmeg used as a spice in your cooking is a safe herb to use, and in the research paper, “induced the formation of autophagosome-like double-membrane structure” “… these findings demonstrated that myrislignan can induce the oxidation-reduction in T. gondii, lead to the autophagy, and cause the death of T. gondii.”

So where macrophages get hijacked by this parasite, nutmeg can step in to help. Ways to enjoy nutmeg include in cocoa, home-made alfredo sauce, dusted over ice cream, in apple and pumpkin baking, in your favourite pumpkin spice blend that you can add to almost any food or drink you wish (remember! DO NOT DISS PUMPKIN SPICE BLENDS ANYMORE!!!)

aloe veraAloe Vera can be grown right in your own home and used topically for burns, stings, bites, rashes, and many other skin ailments. It can be added to smoothies, juiced, and drunk internally for a wide range of nutritional and medicinal qualities as well.

From the research paper quoted in the guest article:

“Pharmacologically the properties of A. vera plants have been shown to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-diabetic, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, wound healing and gastro protective” Of course, in the guest article it is pointed out that this parasite uses the gastro-intestinal system as it’s preferred proliferation zone.

The researchers for that study claim that Aloe Vera has anti-Toxoplasmosis properties, though not as strong as Eucalyptus.

We are all familiar with Eucalyptus in treatment of the common cold and other respiratory issues such as asthma, sore throats, stuffy nose, etc. It is a very strong anti-oxidant. According to the researchers of the same study as the aloe vera,

koala - eucalyptus“Native Australians used Eucalyptus leaves for wound healing and treating fungal infections (Gilles et al., 2010). According to previous studies, Eucalyptus has beneficial biological effects such as, anti-microbial, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-oxidant activities and anti-trichomonas activity (Mahdi et al., 2006; Takahashi et al., 2004; Youse et al., 2012).”

The study portion that you can read for free, states that while Eucalyptus had a higher rate of successful treatment than aloe vera, that the two combined with each other had a higher rate than just the Eucalyptus alone.

If you are in the habit of using either of these plants internally, you may already be protecting yourself against this parasite.

What the guest article’s author didn’t say, after noting the final destination of this parasite being cats and other felines, was the correlation between the covid pandemic and China’s fascination with declaring pet cats and dogs as reservoirs of the covid-19 virus and killing those that were found in the homes of covid-19 patients. The officials over there nearly went rabid over these declarations at times!

Anti-parasitic medications that were found to successfully treat covid-19 and that also aid in recovery from shedding symptoms or that assist in dealing with adverse effects, were vehemently banned by governments worldwide and only some of them are now admitting to those medications’ effectiveness. Many of us wondered why these anti-parasitic medications were working so well when we were repeatedly told this was a viral problem.

brainSecondly, the researchers quoted in this article describe the mental/psychological changes this particular parasite can cause, resulting in those affected having outbursts seemingly out of nowhere and not understanding why. They mention changes in the personalities of human and animal hosts.

People only half-jokingly comment that when people get the jab, they seem to lose a certain set of logical thinking/feeling parameters.

Page 8 of Mercola’s guest article discusses a few disturbing mental disorders that have been known to come from parasites embedding in the brain or nervous system. One lady’s book notes “studies where antipsychotic drugs inhibited toxoplasma in vitro”. Hmmm.

The anecdotal evidence one doctor notes among his own patients suggests a link between Toxoplasmosis and the jab, observing similar changes in mental stability and behaviour between those who got the “vaxx” and those who suffered parasitic infection.

Hydra vulgarisConsidering what we know of our little Hydra Vulgaris friend in the “vaxx”, and what we know of other parasites out in the wild and how they change their host’s mental desires to take the parasite to a given place, the fact that T. Gondii is known to drive rats to cats and to lose all fear of cats, leads to suspicions that more than just the “vaxx” has been an experiment on the world!

It may be quite possible that what has been termed “covid-19”, also came with a parasite, and that the entire globe was turned into a guinea pig to test parasite-driven human mind control on a massive scale! This kind of scenario was played out in Star Trek where a worm entering one’s ear would leave that person susceptible to suggestion. See the Wrath of Khan movie for details.

Many researchers, observers, and sufferers have felt that the “vaxx” emergency use was simply more trials on the human population, and the existence of various batches with varying degrees of contents seem to bear this out. But it would appear that string puller obsession with controlling the masses was supposed to have started with parasitic infestation and if you believe researchers looking into the parasites found in crickets, the move to push society away from beef and pork over to eating crickets and mealworms, may be the next step along this particular chain of thinking. Suddenly a government-backed massive cricket plant in Ontario makes more sense! Yes God approves of eating insect-like critters, (Leviticus 11:21-22) and He has given us ways to deal with any parasitic infection that can result. But there is a troubling human trend developing here. . .

Once again let me reiterate: DO NOT DISS YOUR PUMPKIN SPICES ANYMORE!!! This fall when everyone and everything is covered in the stuff, EAT YOUR MEDICINE!!! Seriously! Make up a big spice jar of your favourite blend, and put it on everything yourself. Your physical and mental health will thank you!

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