Food as Medicine Under a Radioactive Cloud

Food as Medicine Under a Radioactive Cloud

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With North Korea, Russia, the USA, waving around their nuclear sabres, and with Iran loudly proclaiming to Israel that they will have their own soon, sales of potassium-iodide have jumped. Understandably so as you want your thyroid latching onto the real iodine, not what falls out of the air from a nuclear blast.

Interestingly, the World Health Organization recently updated their 2007 document on Nuclear medicine, written to governments to guide them on what to stockpile in case of a nuclear war, accidental exposure to radiation on a regional scale, etc.  This released update comes on the heels of a tiny 8mmx6mm radioactive capsule in Australia between January 10th and 16th earlier this month.  I’m not sure why this was “lost” in Australia of all places, but it was.  Perhaps due to how willing leadership of the country was to lock down it’s citizens during the pandemic. . . 

WHO makes a few suggested medicines that governments should stockpile:

who 2023 nuclear med gov stockpile

Unfortunately, several of these medications have serious side effects that make them unworkable for various people.  However, in a nuclear emergency, you can bet “medical personnel” will hardly be checking for sensitivities, pre-disposing conditions, or prior history of any complications.  Of everything on their list, the safest option is Potassium Iodide, followed by antacids, although the WHO should have their knuckles rapped for suggesting those antacids include aluminum!  I suppose living mindless humans is somehow better than dying mindful humans.  Aluminum is a known contributor to Alzheimer’s and other memory-related problems.  Anything PEG-ylated is a bad thing as well!  Polyethylene Glycol is not a wise thing to have in your body.  

If you already have a thyroid condition, you may be sensitive to too much iodine in your system.  Otherwise, most people should be fine with this treatment method, and it is administered by body weight.  If you hear talk of upcoming nuclear activity in your area, it may be wise to start supplementing your diet with iodine-rich foods and have some potassium iodide on hand.

Sodium bicarbonate is also known as Baking Soda.  This box of white powder is often kept in the fridge to act as a deodorizer, used in homemade toothpaste and cleaning products around the house, used in baking, etc.  Some people already put a small amount into luke warm water to drink once a day, although I recommend if you do this, that you research it to be sure you ingest at safe levels.  The dosage given by the WHO for nuclear fallout, is quite high and they say to take that level under medical supervision.  Otherwise, baking soda often appears in antacids, which typically offer the compound in safe dosages for both children and adults.  Just be sure there is NO aluminum in the antacid!!!

There is an additional way to protect your body as well, using some surprising foods that have anti-radiation properties.

Take sulfurphane for example, found in cruciferous vegetables. This compound protects your skin from UV radiation.

Ginko biloba, Ginger, coriander seed, and rosemary are classified as anti-radiation, protecting the body from or purging the body of, radioactive material.

EMF radiation can be mitigated and protected from via cinnamon, cloves, ginger, rosemary and turmeric. These spices have shown protective effects against EMF-related damage. Increasing your magnesium intake will protect your body’s voltage-gated calcium channels. To understand voltage-gating, you need to understand just how electrical your body is, and how it is actually changes in voltage that send certain chemicals into cells and other chemicals out of cells, most notably in the nervous system, but elsewhere in the body as well. Not enough calcium, or too much calcium is a problem in the body.

Let’s look at a few textbooks on the matter:

Ensuring you are up on your Vitamin C has been shown to have a positive protective influence against radiation as noted by Dr Brownstein in his book Rapid Virus Recovery, page 209 where he pulled from two studies done in 2017 and 2021. Orange juice has been observed to protect mice sperm from radiation damage.

aloe veraAloe-vera has been shown to screen out x-ray radiation as per National Geographic’s Book: Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine, page 14,15. According to the same reference book, Astragulus has been investigated by US researchers for potential treatment for those whose immune systems have been compromised by radiation. Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine notes that Ginger protects tissues from radiation damage, due to it’s anti-oxidant behaviour. Additional studies 2003 and 2004 observed that mice who had been eating ginger prior to being exposed to lethal doses gamma-radiation, had drastically reduced radiation sickness compared to mice who didn’t eat ginger.


Study: Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.), a dietary supplement, protects mice against radiation-induced lethality: mechanism of action. (Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 2004 Aug; 19(4):422-35.)

Study: Influence of Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officinale Rosc) on Survival, Glutathione and Lipid Peroxidation in Mice after Whole-Body Exposure to Gamma Radiation. (Radiat Res. 2003 Nov;160(5):584-92.)

In Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, 3rd Edition, Aloe-vera is noted to have become popular back in the ’50’s when it was discovered to treat burns, radiation burns in particular. This textbook shares how back in 1986 after Chernobyl blew, that Siberian Ginseng was given to those who suffered radiation exposure. As a tonic herb, it has been observed to help the body withstand various stresses, including radiation. The textbook notes that Russian studies suggest it is helpful in reducing harmful effects of radiation in the context of cancer treatment. Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine also shares how researchers in India discovered that Basil/Holy Basil has been shown to protect against radiation as well. If you have Rhodiola, also known as Golden Root, growing in your garden, you may have a protection against radiation there too, specifically the species: R. Crenulata.

In a large compendium known simply as: The Herbal PDR, Sea Buckthorn is recommended for treatment of radiation skin damage, alongside Aloe-vera, which in one study in 1998, reduced the production of Interleukin-10 after exposure to UV radiation. Berberine found in Goldenseal has been used to help patients deal with neutropenia resulting from radiation used in cancer treatments. Skullcap is noted in this reference book, as an externally-used treatment for radiation damage such as from x-ray or sunburn.

food from the seaA big way you can protect your body from nuclear radioactive fall-out, is to be eating iodine-rich foods frequently.  It is important to balance the need for iodine so that you don’t overdose, but many today do not get enough in their diet.

Activated charcoal is huge against the threat of nuclear radioactivity! It will not only scrub your digestive tract of toxins, but will trap radioactive toxins for safe elimination.

Good calcium intake protects you against Strontium-90, a very dangerous form of nuclear fallout, and protect you against radioactive forms of calcium as well. Incidentally, many iodine-rich foods are also calcium-rich foods!

Eat your metal-chelating foods! Nuclear fallout includes various heavy metals, and you want your body binding those up and removing them pronto in a nuclear attack!

Anti-cancer foods should also be high on the list of foods to have in your pantry and emergency storage. These foods contain compounds that are either cancer-protective, meaning they protect your body from cancer, or they outright fight cancer that has appeared in your body. Again, various foods in the iodine and calcium categories, are also either cancer-treating or anti-cancer in their nutritional/medicinal profiles.

Here is an example cheat sheet you can use to compare against your typical monthly grocery list.

Food As Medicine in the Nuclear Age

Other blog articles out there already exist for non-food ways to protect yourself, and even what to do if you find yourself near an exploded nuclear reactor or God-forbid, a nuclear bomb drop. Even if you never find yourself near those things, EMF, going for x-rays, or having to undergo radiation for mainstream cancer treatment will require that you boost yourself ahead of time. Prevention is always better than catchup!

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