Interferon Boosting – Again! Grocery List Alert!

Interferon Boosting – Again! Grocery List Alert!

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Mercola just wrote an article around the alarming rate at which children are showing up at hospitals with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) right now. While on the one hand, the numbers are lower than other peaks researchers have seen, on the other hand, patterns of infection as reported to VAERS and other databases, are showing a correlation between either shedding, or the COVID-19 “vaxx”. Unfortunately, the only thing offered to parents in the article to keep their kids out of the hospitals, was to avoid the “vaxx” at all costs!

mainstream medicalBut what really grabbed my own attention about Mercola’s piece today, was a note pulled from Dr. Senoff’s research paper proving that the covid “vaxx” suppresses Type 1 Interferon signalling! I was just writing about this issue around the Henipavirus blip in mainstream news, and writing about natural, food-as-medicine methods that can be used to strengthen, boost and maintain Type 1 Interferons in your body.

It appears we have a medically global concerted effort to destroy the human immune system in such a way that bio-weapons discussed in my Henipavirus prequel article, can have their desired impact. In other words, the human race is being primed for it’s own extinction if too many of the masses continue being duped by the “experts”.

So how do you protect yourself and your children?

1) Don’t “vaxx” them!

2) Be sure that the foods recommended in my 2nd Henipavirus article, are on your regular grocery list and that you are figuring out how to add them to your regularly weekly meals and snacks.

The Spike Workshop3) Attend my Spike Relief Workshop and go through the handouts to further round out your grocery list, as many of the same foods that benefit shedding, side effects, colds, flues, and covid-like viruses, will also benefit your body against Type 1 and Type 2 Interferon attacks such as from the “vaxx” or Henipaviruses.

4) Read my “Monkey Business Round Two” article for more food-as-medicine recommendations as they relate to managing cytokine storms and keeping them down to manageable levels if/when they occur.

None of the articles I’m pointing you to today, are short! But self-education is rarely done in soundbites of any effective presentation. Take the time to invest in your household’s health by reading these articles, making notes as you go, particularly on your grocery list. However, be sure you are sitting down in a comfy chair that isn’t easy to fly out of when you are tempted to hit the ceiling fan over what governments, scientists, and Big Pharma are doing.

It is my sincere and urgent prayer that no one you care for, will become another statistic in this new season the world has been thrown into.

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