Health and Peace from the Prince of Peace

Health and Peace from the Prince of Peace

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Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.
Proverbs 3:5-8

It’s interesting that Solomon would draw a connection between reverence and trust in God to lead and guide everyday decisions, and our gut and bone health. When we try to do everything under our own ability to extrapolate needs versus life challenges, it is commonplace to experience stress. The higher and more sustained the stress levels get, the more we experience trouble in our digestive system, specifically the intestinal disruptions that affect our ability to pull nutrition from our food and that can lead to things like ulcers, various irritable bowel syndromes, intestinal inflammation that can lead to Crohn’s or Colitis, etc. Stress has also been shown to impact bone density and contribute to reduced ability to process Calcium. This has been most evident in studies done on teeth and bone structures of the jaw. While stress impacts various people various ways, ranging from endocrine trouble to mental health issues, digestive disruptions and bone health are the most widely seen long-term stress reactions.

praying momWhen we are able to rest in God’s hands, knowing that He will guide and direct us in how to handle daily life, long-term decision-making, etc, stress levels drop to manageable levels and the body is able to function properly. I’ve found for myself personally, that time spent in God’s presence is in itself, a stress-reliever. God did not build our bodies to withstand high sustained stress levels! Making time for God isn’t just a spiritual, social, relational, or mental/emotional exercise. It is also a time for physical regeneration. Our focus isn’t on ourselves, that’s a continued recipe for stress and even depression. Our focus is on God. God created all we see, including ourselves, and He knows best how we should deal with life around us. This brings a peace that calms the whole person, spirit, soul and body, bringing with that peace a different perspective that is often accompanied by thoughts and ideas that if acted on, solve the current situation better than if we’d tried to attack it on our own.

advent wreathOn some Advent Calendars, this past Sunday was the Candle of Peace. Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament, to be the coming Prince of Peace. Not the peace that solves world government situations, but the peace that sits within your heart and mind, a peace that as Solomon says, brings physical health too.

Christmas Day is just 4 days away now. Christ-mas, the celebration of Jesus Christ come to earth from heaven, as a baby, to grow up and walk the way of the Cross to pay the death penalty for our sins, and rising again to grant us eternal life. Other prophecies in Scripture also point to Jesus’ return for His church, and His return to set foot back on earth as King of the entire world. As the days grow darker with the world leaders falling deeper and deeper into inexplicable lies, gaslighting, and global genocide, more and more we as believers need to be relying on God’s wisdom, insight, foresight, discernment and understanding to know how to navigate these times while we await His return. Our focus MUST be on God first, then putting feet to what He reveals to us, occupying till He comes!

May I encourage you this Christmas, to put Christ first in your holiday festivities. Take time, as a household, to focus on Jesus this season, and to allow His gift of peace to fill your hearts and homes. You will benefit in more ways than one.

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