Electric Thoughts about The Law of Attraction

Electric Thoughts about The Law of Attraction

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It’s the beginning of 2023, and I’ve discovered Orthomolecular.org, which defines “orthomolecular” translationally as “nutritional medicine” and transliterally as “the right/correct molecule”. The term was coined by Dr Linus Pauling Phd, in 1968 in his article “Orthomolecular Psychiatry”. The website has kept a running journal ever since then, though link-readable articles aren’t available until the 1970 editions of the journal. As might be expected, most of these earlier articles relate to psychiatry one way or another, beginning with a heavy focus on schizophrenia, though more recent news releases on the site have more to do with nutrition and medical conditions in general, with the earliest news release around more general topics showing up in 2005.

I’ve decided to start reading something from these journals and news releases every day for the coming year. Two articles from the journals, and one from the news releases, each day. Most of it is fairly quick reading so far with the journals detailing case studies, how they were conducted, and discussion about the results.

I’m only a couple days into this professional reading regimen (began on the 13th), and found an article related to the body’s electromagnetic field, given off by the body’s cardiovascular and nervous system. I’ve heard stories all my life of people who can see this field, and in some circles, it is known as one’s aura and those who see it, often claim it has a given colour, a colour that seems to change for many people based on their mood or state of life, but seems to remain constant for Christians. If you’ve ever seen electricity spark from an electrical outlet, you may have observed a colour there too, whether white, orange, blue, purple, green, etc. So the idea that the electrical field our body creates has a colour, isn’t strange or ethereal.

bannersOver the decades, we’ve learned that the body’s electrical field can be impacted by the artificial electrical fields we’ve built into our homes, schools and places of business. We’ve learned in the last 20 years particularly, that this interference is further exacerbated by wireless technology now permeating much of public and private life. There are even wireless charging stations out now for small devices such as phones and tablets. We’ve learned that interfering consistently with our body’s electrical field can lead to various illnesses within the body. This is due to just how electrical our nervous and cardiovascular systems are. In fact, every cell of the body runs to some extent, on various electrical pulses. Positive and negative charges act like a computer’s ones and zeros (the binary below assembly code below the programming codes that let you do what you want to do on your computer screen), facilitating various activities within just one cell, let alone many cells. In your nervous system, your electrolytes facilitate this exchange of positive and negative to send signals throughout your body. Just one reason your electrolytes are so important and why losing them through sweat in the summer is unhealthy.

But the body’s electrical field isn’t just generated and utilized by everyday bodily operations. It is also used to detect what is going on around us that we can’t physically see with our eyes or feel with our external senses: See, taste, touch, hear, smell, etc. Now continued research in the field of senses has many arguing we have many more than 5, and that our electrical field enables another one. But being as we tend to describe the sensation of someone entering our field or us entering another’s as a feeling, I’d put it under the category of touch, because we feel a difference in the air. Those in the New Age and eastern religious spaces have etherealized this field into some mystical force used for good or ill, resulting in conversation around releasing good or bad energies, vibes, etc. They talk about someone having good energy or a room having a bad vibe, for example. These terms began to be used in earnest by mystics in the late 1800’s and by psychiatrists in the early 1900’s, with William Walker Atkinson recording the first use of vibration in this context in 1907. Information I gathered these dates from continued on with quasi-scientific attempts to prove what will be discussed later in this article, but they forgot a key aspect of electricity and magnetism.  This will mentioned near the end of this article.

While it’s possible our emotional state, or positive/negative intentions appear to be passed through our electrical field to others around us, again, they are hardly woo-woo. There are many factors that influence our electrical fields within our bodies, not the least of which is how we choose to deal with life (reactionary vs responsive to name just one choice). Our bodies rise or fall to whatever occasion we are facing, based on how we ourselves choose to address it. The idea that this would affect our electrical field should come as no surprise without any mystical mumbo jumbo to explain it away.

What many in religious spaces that espouse nebulous, etherealized energy don’t realize, is that there’s nothing ethereal about it, that electrical fields from living things (and even from non-living things) is a very concrete reality. There are two sets of living things out there: physical, and spiritual that can emit electrical fields. Spiritual beings emit their own electrical field that can be picked up by humans and the animal world. It isn’t uncommon, when a demon enters a room, for someone to observe a noticeable drop in temperature, sometimes isolated to a particular spot in the room where a draft would not normally be present. New Age and similar beliefs will talk about “spirit guides”, “spirit animals”, “teachers”, etc. In reality, these are “nice” names for demons who are controlling those who welcome them. God’s angelic messengers are often drawn in ancient artwork as having halos, and Scripture reports their electrical emissions as being bright enough that men had to cover their faces. God’s own emanations are said in Scripture to be so bright, the natural human body dies in it’s presence. Scripture generally refers to the visual representation as “glory”, and it appears that God and His angels can decide how strong or how gentle, this emanation appears or is felt.

So we have three sources of electrical fields that can more often be felt, but sometimes seen as well:

  • physical life,
  • spiritual life, and
  • artificial fields created by harnessing electricity for use in modern devices from your fridge to your phone and every light bulb and power outlet in between.

Before we go on, let us remember one tiny tidbit of information related to the idea of electricity, the lowly little electron and proton. Electrons and protons are components of atoms, just like neutrons, photons, furreons, the Bigg’s Hosson particle (sometimes known as the god particle), and others. Electrons and protons are what give various atoms positive or negative charges, alongside the presense of the neutron particle. We know the photon particle is associated with light and that it can be excited by increasing numbers of electrons.

When a person or animal can pick up on something but can’t see it, we often say this is a sixth sense. We can sense something, but are often unable to define specifically what it is. This article from 1970 suggests that our body acts as one giant, walking antenna, that semi-consciously, our nervous system interprets what is picked up around us, and then we act accordingly on that information. Incidentally, scientists remain baffled that sharks do the same thing. They feel that unless the animal has an organ that acts as an electrical battery, that the animal should not be able to pick up on electrical output from external sources. At the time of the 1970 article, they wondered how man-made “noise” or artificial electrical fields would impact us, and as our lives have become increasingly surrounded by EMF, we are discovering the answers, and they aren’t good.

But the discussion around their rather limited case study led to two very disturbing trains of thought. I quote:

  1. “We feel that possibly herein lies a key to such phenomena as crowd behavior, hypnosis, love relationships and everyday human interaction.”
  2. “Since mental attitudes are transmitted and directly influence others there is good reason for a person to assume a positive loving attitude, for such an attitude will attract to him all of the good things that people have to offer. A negativistic attitude can only elicit reactions which will reinforce a person’s own discomfort.”

Where have we heard both these concepts before, in more recent times? Behaviour modification techniques have been studied for a very long time, and have been used to great effect over the past three years! How much of that can be attributed to electro-magnetic fields is where people have been cautious of, if not downright paranoid about 5G, particularly with how conductive graphene oxide is and the fact that mineral has been showing up in vials of “vaxx” gene therapy shots. The idea of controlling human behaviour from an external source has been the stuff of sci-fi stories for eons as well.

During Hitler’s time, it was observed that simply changing the frequency of music was enough to increase suggestibility in the masses. A440 came out because of Nazi Germany and has been the musical frequency standard ever since. Sound and light, like electricity, travel in waves.  How close or how loose the wave form is is known as a frequency.  In radio, we have frequency bands that you can communicate over or tune in on.

Sales courses teach how to use neural linguistic programming to get people to say yes to your offer. It’s been observed that people behave differently in crowds than they would in smaller groups or alone. Going along with the crowd is as much a personal decision to not be the odd man out as it is being swept up into the thrill of the moment around whatever cause is being championed.

Sometimes we talk about how the atmosphere in a room was electric, or how the responsiveness of an audience was electric.

brainGovernments, including Canada’s federal government, hired experts in behaviour modification over the recent pandemic, and according to some news articles, the Canadian government is retaining such services to deal with “vaxx” hesitancy. We know that acetaminophen has been shown to modify behaviour, marijuana modifies behaviour, but this 1970’s article asserts that electrical fields may also modify behaviour. Something to keep in mind.

The second quote above has been actively trumpeted as none other than “The Law of Attraction”, which most people understand from the book and it’s movie, The Secret, but which dates back farther than that and delves into highly mystical territory, rather than science. In the electrical world, opposites attract, but in the world of “attraction”, like attracts like. I wrote a scathing rebuke of The Secret some time back, and I encourage you to read it. Do note that I’m not referring to preferences, interests, passions or causes that tend to gather people around who share those things. I’m talking about attracting wants and desires to you by “thinking positive”, in the same way a magnet’s positive pole attracts a negatively-charged object to itself.

Yes, the body has an electrical field. Yes, one living thing can pick up on the presence of another via the intersection of those fields. Yes, that field carries with it information that we use to process and interact either with the one emitting it, or with the environment we are in or going into at the time. Although some of that is definitely chemical, and often named pheromone, something animals pick up via smell far easier than humans do, although we respond to smell as well, as the perfume and cologne industry alongside the aromatherapy industry will readily attest. None of that is woo-woo, none of that is New Age, none of that is ethereal. But the reason the body’s nervous system uses positive and negative charges to facilitate sending of signals in and outside the body, is because positive and negative charges work together while two positive or two negative charges repel each other. Like does not attract like when talking about electrical fields.

If you hear going forward, that there is scientific proof for the law of attraction, don’t believe them!

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