Behavioural Science and Your Health

Behavioural Science and Your Health

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Seven months ago according to MeWe, and June 6th according to the Rebel news article I shared that day, I wrote about government-mandated behaviour modification techniques.   I just tried to access the tender bid URL from a US IP address, and got this error message:

“This site can’t be’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

Changing to a Canadian server got the page to load, but details of the tender in question are no longer available. However, the Rebel News article fortunately quotes from the tender so you can read it at your leisure.

Seven months later, the Canadian governments dedication to the issue of behavioural control, receives another update via Rebel News reporters discovering more info on the matter thanks to Davos 2023 that just wrapped up.  This article mentions a WHO behavioural insight tool called COSMO. But going to the link would say the WHO was advisory to the panel, not providing the tool. In fact, the website for COSMO goes to Impact Canada’s website where the about page says nothing about the behavioural tool. The Challenge menu link goes to a page where challenges sound more like experiments than learning tools, although learning is part of the equation. Near the bottom of the page is a Smart Cities challenge that ran in 2018/19. It too didn’t like a US IP address. 

EDIT February 2, 2023

Rebel News uncovered an interactive map however, part of the challenge the Canadian government put out across Canada, encouraging various cities to compete for funds that would put the “smart city” concept to use in solving various issues ranging from housing to medical services and beyond.

My town was on this map with an application, but did not make the finalists list, or the winners list. While it could be considered a good thing that we didn’t make either of those lists, the fact we are on the interactive map at all is a concern. 

End edit

Behavioural Sciences get their own menu item, written up as if it should be under the Challenges link instead. Backing up one link in the links above the COSMO title, below the COSMO header, we come to a page talking further about Behavioural Sciences and how the Canadian government is using them. Complete with this quote:

“Taken together, the tools and the team have amassed a deep and rich data set capturing how Canadians are experiencing the pandemic, including the factors the underscore – and interventions that can help drive – outcomes like compliance to protective behaviours and intentions to vaccinate against COVID-19.” (emphasis mine)

Drive outcomes huh? This word in such a context normally means to guide the outcome, or to ensure the outcome, or to herd people toward the outcome.

pillsIn between the two news articles, I got wind of what is happening in the world of pain killers, and wrote this piece on acetaminophen’s potential to be used for behavioural modification.

When the media continued their contrived freakout over the contrived medication shortage, I had to write again on that side of the subject.

Your mental, social, relational, and emotional health are at stake as governments ramp up what they’ve been doing for years in the past, that came to a head during covid and don’t show any signs of letting up going into the future. If your faithwalk is weak, your spiritual health will be at stake too!

Government and corporate efforts around the behavioural sciences grew to the point where you can take courses at university on the subject. Marketing courses I’ve bought and sat through teach how to use Neural Linguistic Programming to get people to talk themselves into buying your products and services. I have the transcript written by a pastor, on my computer, who teaches this stuff! To learn that national governments are doing this is no surprise.

What is a surprise, has been the amazing speed at which such a large portion of the population fell for the tactics used to get their compliance. I’ve always been a societal rebel and never thought much of those who easily went with the crowd, but the past 2 years have shocked me at even those I thought would have a more critical eye to things, going along with what clearly didn’t add up or make sense. Some of those have been within my own extended family! The vehemence with which they defended their government-controlled viewpoint and behaviour was the shock, particularly as these were fellow believers in Christ too.

For all the claims made to me by unsaved people who thought they had their own mind, their own viewpoint, their own decisions, their own behaviour, the mass sway under what some term “mass formation” (there are articles and videos about this), a form of mass psychosis, truly showed me the dangers of living life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

pray-erIt is my firm prayer then, that everyone reading this who names the name of Christ in their heart and soul, will be guided daily by the Holy Spirit in their decisions big and small!

Right here and now, I pray that God will grant you Discernment, Wisdom, Insight, Foresight, Understanding, and both the means and the wherewithal to put those revelations into positive, useful, determined action that will address and meet the needs for food, shelter, clothing, and transportation, not only for yourselves, but for those God places in your paths in coming days, no matter which country you call home!

I plead the Blood of Jesus over your mind, your emotions, your body, your spirit, your soul! I pray a fiery hedge of thorns around you, your household, your home, your vehicle, your belongings, land you rent or own, and access to that land within your neighbourhood and the highway! I ask for warring angels to stand guard over each one of you and your loved ones, that any effort of the enemy to sway you toward dangerous or deadly decisions will not be effective!

I pray confusion over the efforts of those who seek to sway us toward dangerous or deadly decisions! I ask that they be separated from their demonic handlers and given a fresh revelation of who Jesus is, such that they cannot deny Him and are forced to make an eternal choice.

I pray for anyone here who had been duped into dangerous or deadly decisions over the past 3 years who are now seeking relief, rescue, and restitution for their suffering or the suffering of those they love. I ask for healing for these people and their loved ones, healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and perhaps even socially/relationally if their now remorseful decisions had caused rifts or been the result of rifts.

I ask for a shield over every person’s mind reading this, that the Helmet of Salvation be firmly seated over each one!

I rebuke the efforts discussed in these articles, that have been exposed in discussions around “mass formation”, and I break the hold any of those efforts have taken on anyone reading this!

In Jesus’ mighty name!

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