Huxley’s Vision, Orwell’s Vision, and for Health’s Sake! What you Should be Doing About Them!

Huxley’s Vision, Orwell’s Vision, and for Health’s Sake! What you Should be Doing About Them!

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aldous huxley pharma quote

I saw this quote today, and in an effort to prove if indeed the sayer actually said it, I ran across a 2017 article in a psychology magazine online, called The Conversation.

The book Huxley wrote, is available to read here.

The interview he is quoted from, can be watched here, although you must scroll a bit to get to the actual video. It is on youtube unfortunately, so if you find it elsewhere, perhaps watch it there.

I’ve written twice in the last few months on pharmaceutically-induced behaviour, and wrote about my concerns over medicating hyperactive children in the past. Links to those are here:

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But the 2017 article made a few interesting yet bothersome observations. The first of which, is how the discovery of the brain’s neuro-makeup would become a vector for influence and control. The author eventually realizes that the influence and control thing was going on perhaps without perpetrators fully understanding what they were doing, but they were doing it nonetheless. The author makes frequent reference to Huxley’s novel, “Brave New World”, linked above for your reading, where Huxley’s villians invented a joy-inducing drug called Soma that would help the propoganda machine that aimed to work more on the basis of feeling than fact. Sound at all familiar??? Even without the use of drugs or hypnosis, you can take courses and become certified in the use of neuro-linguistic programming, to sway people to whatever perspective, feeling or decision you want from them.

As a result, the author of this article feels that what we are going through today, is far more akin to Huxley’s fictional future world, than Orwell’s 1984, although from my perspective, we are seeing a fair bit of dictatorial thought policing going on as well. Governments are even legislating the concept of wrong-think and doing their best to ensure that anything that contradicts government-approved thought, is punished. See Canada’s Bill C11 that just went back to the House after the Senate passed it in 3rd reading. It had to go back to The House due to apparently, well over a dozen amendments they felt were needed for it to become law. The Heritage Minister (sic), has come out and claimed that not all amendments will be accepted, particlarly those that impact the bill!

People are demanding that the UK shut down their Ministry of Truth, and Biden’s government had to shut down and retool their Disinformation Governance Board with people calling it the Ministry of Truth. However, despite publicly claiming to dissolve the board, apparently disinformation is still being policed.

So what do we do about this attempt to use both medication, whether over-the-counter or by way of injection, coupled with government-controlled propaganda?

First, we stop accepting the medication, and second, we shut off the propaganda, particularly if stopping the medication requires weaning onto something in the natural space instead.

For example, if you are taking an acetaminophen-based product, and it has addicting properties (because acetaminophen is in a lot of different medications), talk to your doctor about a similar medication without acetaminophen, and talk to your naturopath about any natural alternatives that won’t render you susceptible to outside influence. See my article on medicated suggestibility above. If there are alternative ways to address the root cause of why you are on such medication in the first place, a naturopath or natural health practitioner can assist you in addressing the root cause, with the potential that eventually you’ll be assessed by your doctor and no longer need the offending medication or it’s non-suggestible counterparts. Whatever you do, don’t go cold turkey without a medical professional supervising, because results could be dire, and this advice is not about making life more difficult for you! So talk to your doctor!!!

media consumption

Shutting off the propaganda means shutting off the TV, because even if you have a device that can weed out advertising, the shows many people watch are being infused with propaganda from entertainment to news hour and most talk shows, documentaries, etc in between. So just turn off the TV and drop it from a 3rd story window. After that, take it to electronic recycling, come home, and heave a sigh of relief!

BUT. . . shutting off the propaganda also requires you to be more mindful of what you mentally and emotionally ingest online as well. You’ve heard of “doom-scrolling”? This is when you scroll your newsfeed, subconsciously looking for the bad news! Our human psyche seems geared toward the negative, so we have to actively pursue the positive.

For the born-again believer, this means deliberately choosing to follow groups and pages that share Scripture, uplifting theologically-sound and Biblically-accurate thoughts and articles, etc. As God created the universe, choose to follow pages and groups that share about God’s creation such as landscape or animal photography, telescope imagery, microscope photography, etc.

When you come across negative, dire, threatening, or scary information, ask yourself what can be proactively done about it. If someone has shared a news article about food shortages, ask yourself what you can do about it. Join homesteader, gardening, prepper and other similar types of groups to learn and/or share what you know about this topic. If it’s a bad news article about the latest round of what everyone is supposed to be upset over, ask yourself why. Why must you be upset over it? What is the other side of the story here? Does going along with the desired emotion help or hinder the issue or cause they are crying over, or does it mask another problem they don’t want you paying attention to?

If something makes you smile or laugh, or gave you a pleasant thought or impression, share it in these groups, as a comment on the same subject matter, or on your own wall online. If a Scripture meant something deeper today, write out why and copy/paste the passage so others can share your discovery. If an issue gets you so frustrated, upset or angry that you have to do something about it, warn others away from it, or call others to action who may be closer to the issue to deal with it quicker than you can, then by all means share that with the proposed plan of action.

Get yourself and those around you into a can-do attitude where you are willing to brainstorm your way to ensuring you are NOT caught in the pharmaceutical-supported propaganda machine! Anyone who takes a fatalist attitude toward things like surveillance, wrong-think, mis/disinformation as defined by the government, etc, should be halted in their tracks! One way I do this is to remind the person, “you’re not dead yet!” and get them thinking about ways they can address the situation.

Articles have been written by others out there on how to de-google your phone for example. How to block advertising (hint: use the brave browser, you don’t have to sign into the token system), how to keep yourself safe online, etc.

If you don’t take responsibility for your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health, the government has proven over the past 3 years, that they will instead, and seek to punish all those who do. Personally, the stakes are too high to let the government control your health and wellbeing. As a 50+yr old, with my kids generation now having children, that generation of children now in elementary school and preschool, is going to grow up into this new global tyranny unless enough of my kids generation, my generation and those above me, can resist in enough numbers for the string pullers to realize their plans aren’t going to work.

spiritual warfare 101 workbookBut resistance is stressful. Persistence can take a toll on your body, your mind, your emotions, and your social life. More than ever, we need God’s strength to pull this off. We need the Holy Spirit in our lives to show us the way to go. We need the shield of faith provided by the Righteousness of Christ, to protect us, because the imaginations and machinations of the string pullers are not of human origin. The technology being used is of human origin, but the methods and purposes are anything but! Even the unsaved world is talking about how demonic, otherworldly, and evil, the plans of the string pullers are!

So put on the Whole Armour of God, figure out ways to feed your family away from the grocery store more and more, figure out ways to avoid the pharmacy and doctor’s office more and more, turn off the TV, filter the Internet, and try to be a voice of reason in your social circles.


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