Big Pharma Strikes Again! Building Cancer Right Into Your Medications!

Big Pharma Strikes Again! Building Cancer Right Into Your Medications!

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Saw this article earlier today, and had to mark it to deal with later, as I spent the day without a working monitor, and trying to slowly upgrade the linux installation I’d put onto a dinosaur of a laptop that actually connected to the Internet today when I fired it up! It didn’t connect when we moved 2yrs ago, so I’d put it in a corner. But it’s still sitting there doing it’s update from linux Mint 19 to 20. Then I should be updating it to 21 after that and it will be “current” again, for all it’s aging hardware.

But now that I own my son’s former spare monitor, here I am with this heads up in the world of Big Pharma versus your health!

FDA Finds Rocket Fuel Ingredient in Zantac, B/P & Diabetes Meds

Once again, ingredients are found in mainstream medicine that apparently first showed up in 2018 according to this article. The medications are for blood pressure, diabetes, and to deal with weight-gain as a result of taking anti-psychosis medication.

First off, the professional reading I’ve been doing since January has shown that there ARE food nutrients that have successfully treated psychotic patients. Typically, the doses are far higher than FDA recommendations and thus need to be taken as supplements. So the idea of taking meds to deal with the side effects of meds is a cycle that doesn’t have to happen.

Second, many foods exist that deal with diabetes in it’s various forms. The article here shares a few videos, a couple of which are from doctors who share how to deal with diabetes. I don’t go to youtube anymore, so I can’t vouch for what they say on video. But I do know what’s in my wholefood database, and various foods are known to assist with this endeavor, and to deal with blood sugar issues in general. Additionally, foods exist that help the pancreas do it’s job so that insulin resistance doesn’t become a thing in the first place.

This point wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that there are processed foods out there that exacerbate and contribute to blood sugar problems, including building insulin resistance. One of those is the group known as artificial sweeteners. Save your pancreas, save your blood sugar levels, and avoid that vector of diabetes by only using real sweeteners that God spoke into being when He spoke the plants into being!

Third, foods such as beets, hawthorn berries, and plantain (narrow leaf particularly) are all cardiovascular regulators that aid in proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Foods that contain naturally-occurring nitric oxide are beneficial to ensuring arteries and veins do not stiffen, and keep them supple to expand and contract as necessary. The seeds on the outside of Strawberries are good for the cardiovascular system as well. I recently read a recipe for homemade fruit gummies, and they strained out the strawberry seeds!!! You need those!

Biblical Natural Health CoachingFood as medicine can seriously benefit all three of the conditions these tainted drugs are sold and promoted for. There’s no need to poison yourself to obtain relief! If you are one of those who take these medications, go find a naturopathic doctor and ask about whole food nutrition as medicine instead. When they tell you what to do to begin weaning yourself off these meds and onto food as medicine instead, you need accountability, send me a message and I’ll get you onto a schedule that will help you follow the doctor’s prescription. Whatever you do, don’t go cold turkey because that can cause as much harm as the tainted ingredients. There are underlying body systems that can be brought up to snuff, maintained, and improved to help these surface-level symptoms.

If you’re one of those people who keeps a psychosis condition under wraps with these meds, find a psychiatrist that agrees with nutritional treatment methods, also known as orthomolecular psychiatry, so that they can monitor how well you are doing on the change-over. In addition, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ and are saved, seek out a Holy Spirit-filled Christian therapist with a solid no-nonsense reputation who can get God’s direction on any spiritual oppression that may be affecting your psychological status.

The naturopathic doctor who heads up New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies, teaches courses on this and his textbook: Dietary Wellness for Life shares some of his methods of addressing the spiritual and social/emotional aspects of these illnesses.

Spirit, soul and body, we are multi-faceted beings, just like God Himself and created in His image. Therefore, we can’t expect medication to be the be-all-end-all and certainly not medication with cancerous side effects baked right into it!

For a small fee, I can provide you a chart, or more than one chart, of the foods that address these conditions, and the foods that contain nutrients that address underlying systems supporting the body to avoid or treat these conditions.

Whatever you do, take action to remove these drugs from your cupboard!

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