The Death Knell of Mainstream Medical, And Your Health

The Death Knell of Mainstream Medical, And Your Health

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Your ability to see a doctor in the future may get increasingly harder. It’s time for a shift in thinking about our own personal health needs. We need to spend less time at the doctor’s office or emergency room, and more time in our kitchens.

Last year, I joined the Canada Health Alliance newsletter, but won’t be getting it soon as they have moved to a paid PMA model. Membership fees are reasonable for a yearly cost, only $100, but I haven’t been earning much as of yet with the Biblical Natural Health Coaching that I offer, or the various info products now available on my online store. Once again, I apologize to anyone who has tried to make purchases over the past few months, and couldn’t. It’s a little hard to do business with someone when their payment systems don’t work! The other day, I got a workaround going, and then yesterday, my webhost finally got my site to where the offending plugin would work again, so I’ll be ensuring going forward, that when you choose to do business with me, you can actually send payment! A very important detail to be sure!

But back to Canada Health Alliance, they send out a weekly newsletter every Saturday. Today, they included the following article snippet. There was more to the article, but this is what I wanted to bring to your attention:

“According to Alberta-based Dr. William Makis, over the 26 months since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines in December 2020, at least 132 actively practicing Canadian doctors under the age of seventy have died suddenly or unexpectedly.

He states that, “Canadian physician mortality in 2022 was 53% higher than 2019, based on the largest database of its kind diligently assembled by our team. This data is solid, and as with all excess mortality data in highly Covid-19 vaccinated jurisdictions, this mortality is heavily skewed towards the younger age groups. The youngest doctors—medical students or medical residents under age 30 are dying at a 900% higher rate in 2022, compared to the 2019/2020 average.”

He concludes that, “The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) fully supported unscientific and unethical Covid-19 vaccine mandates that were forced on their own physician members. Now this Ottawa-based bureaucracy ignores the damage done.”

Considering the growing wait times in hospitals and clinics across Canada, we can’t afford to lose any doctors, never-mind 132 of them. But it is not just those that are dying who are being removed from the system, and therefore their ability to service those in need—who are basically you and I!

Thousands of other doctors are being forced out of their positions because of the medical choices or because of stress, burn-out and bullying, none of which helps solve the plight of patients literally dying in waiting rooms. It sounds like a Third World crisis, yet it is happening right now across Canada and the United States!”

doctor in hospitalYour ability to see a doctor in the future may get increasingly harder. Mainstream medical services in general may get less and less accessible. Do you currently look after your own health and that of your household? If not, why? If you are of the older generation, it may be due to growing up being taught never to question the medical establishment. For those in this space, questioning the medical establishment was as bad as questioning God, and many put their doctors up on pedestals, feeling they could do no wrong.

Unfortunately, the past 30 years have seen our doctors do more and more wrong, and their supporting nursing staff following suit. Before the pandemic, more and more news articles were coming out about nurses, aides, and doctors giving wrong medications, or giving wrong doses, or neglecting key health needs, and their patients dying or becoming disabled as a result of medical negligence or malpractice.

Since the pandemic however, more and more information is coming to light that mainstream medical was hijacked as a means for global depopulation. Horrific homicidal crimes took place in nursing homes not only in Canada, but in Italy, the US, and other countries as well. As if those crimes weren’t bad enough, when governments and the World Health Organization decided to “fast-track” (it had actually been in the works since 2016) a so-called “vaccine” for the pandemic, those same ruling entities tightened their grip around mainstream medical further, and demanded they promote death by needle or lose their licence! Not only were they to put their patients’ needs last, but they were to take the death jab themselves or lose their jobs! Keep in mind, that many of the doctors who are of the older generation, had not only been taught the doctor can do no wrong, but that their regulatory college could do no wrong and not to question.

Some began questioning however, people like Dr Hoff, Dr McCullough, Dr Zelenski (RIP), Dr Peterson and others. Unfortunately, not enough of the mainstream medical system stood up to question, and now we have this triple whammy hitting at the very heart of how modern medicine is disseminated.

1) Unequivocal demand that everyone working in mainstream medical must be “vaxxed” or lose their jobs. NO one is exempt!

2) Those who lost their jobs due to “vaxx” mandates are not being hired back in spite of backlogs that were created by poorly-thought-out pandemic mandates prior to “vaxx” roll-out and made worse by point number 1.

3) Remaining medical staff from doctors on down, are getting overworked now, and my daughter is seeing first-hand, a nurse who is suffering depression so bad, that she is a) not looking after house and home very well (lives at the resort my daughter is a housekeeper at), but her pets are not looked after either, to the point neighbours are asking the resort to move them away from that suite. My daughter says this woman has a wide array of creams, lotions, and make-up kits all aimed at somehow bringing calm and/or covering up blemishes and lines. The woman needs help, but when housekeeping offered it, the nurse turned her back and disappeared into her bedroom. Mental health is taking a hit across the board throughout Canada’s mainstream medical system. This is taking a tole that very few see, but that many are reporting is the cause of why many are retiring early, or quitting for other careers.

So not only do we have medical staff quitting a system that won’t stand up for them or their patients anymore, but we have doctors dying! Sudden death is hitting them as much as it’s hitting any other sector of society, but modern society has relied on doctors for their medical needs, no matter how small for a very long time!

It’s time for a shift in thinking about our own personal health needs. We need to spend less time at the doctor’s office or emergency room, and more time in our kitchens, using time-honoured natural methods to deal with common maladies such as ear aches, colds and flus, muscle stiffness, skin ailments, and more.

My wholefoods database lists roughly 300 medicinal uses for various foods, herbs, and spices. These uses range from prevention to assisting with early treatment, to helping the body heal itself. Some foods you eat for these purposes, others are turned into teas, tinctures, infusions of various types, poultices, etc. Some plants your food comes from have their medicinal qualities in the seeds, fruit, leaves, bark, or root. It is the use of these plants and foods that gave rise to medicine in the first place!

To this day, mainstream medical sciences look at how plants do this, then try to isolate the compound that does it, then try to synthesize that compound into forms far stronger than what is found in the plant, and then packaged as a new drug. By isolating the compound that they think does the healing, they are removing it from other compounds present in the plant that provide synergistic benefit, buffer, chelate, etc. These scientists then get concerned when their creation from this compound has potentially nasty side effects!!! Just as humans were created by God to be in community, the compounds God put into plants for our health were intended to work together, not separately. This is why my focus is on wholefood as medicine, not on supplements.

The supplement world would have you believe that your food is nearly devoid of any benefit anymore, and that you need to supplement it with high-priced, “pure” tablets, capsules or liquid drops that replace what your food is missing. However, scientists are still discovering, repeatedly, that when people eat a well-rounded, nutritionally beneficial diet, they ARE healthier, and even if that food as dried and powdered, such as in the cooking spices behind your stove, adding those to your diet daily has been known to drop instances of ill health on a measurable scale.  The idea that dried and crushed foods lose their potency over time is also over-hyped in the supplemental industry.  While there is some truth to denaturing due to light and heat, it doesn’t mean the food is useless!  Mercola wrote an article talking about how just adding a few teaspoons of dried herbs and spices to daily meals, increased the health of those who took part in a scientific trial of whether or not herbs and spices had any benefit.

The more I read about recent studies around nutrition available in our food, the more I am starting to think the supplement industry’s marketing is more about sales than about your health. A recent article highlighting a young woman’s liver transplant after her liver died from a supplement she was taking, just proves my point.

The saying is worth repeating: Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s safe! In the case of supplements, just because they CLAIM it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe! There are herbs and plants out there that should be treated with the same precautions as synthetic medicine. Not because they are synthetic, but because they are so strong! In addition, there are practitioners out there who believe a little poison does the trick, and will recommend plants and herbs that bear the name “toxic”, because in their minds, a tiny bit kickstarts the body into healing itself. . . very dangerous thinking!!!


In much the same way that scientists in mainstream medicine, isolate then try to encapsulate a given compound and it causes side effects, the same happens in the supplement industry. Compounds found in nutrition are isolated, then encapsulated and sold either alone, or in blends designed to treat this or that ailment, but without guidance from a knowledgeable natural health practitioner, the user buys it off the shelf and thinks they are doing good for themselves.

The only thing I agree with the higher-end supplemental companies, is that you DO need to watch the fillers and binders that they add to their products. Many use corn starch, and most corn is GMO these days which can play havoc with your gut. My own brother is dealing with this situation and his naturopathic doctor is really being given a run for his money trying to get to the bottom of my brother’s glyphosate-caused condition.

Free tip: If you haven’t been already, start eating foods that contain glycine to help your body get rid of glyphosate before it becomes a problem for you as well. If you have the money, buy non-GMO’d grains, often called heritage grains these days, or ancient grains, and bake with those in your own home.

Despite what the supplement industry says, your food still has value, and can still be used to treat many conditions right in your own home, often just with adjusting your diet to address the given malady. Where diet won’t get needed nutrition to the affected area, plaisters, poultices, oils, infusions, creams, washes and other wholefood iterations often can.

Mainstream medical is crumbling before our very eyes, and the string puller answer, is more surveillance, more data, digital ID’s, health passes, control of the food supply, and death. They began with death, are working on the digital ID’s and health passes, sabotaging existing food processing plants, buying up farms, and trying to force lab-generated food on the masses.

You can fight back as follows:

1) If you are a green thumb, or have successfully grown house plants, start growing your own food and herbs. If you have a bad back, use table-height raised garden beds that you don’t have to bend to reach. Join seed exchanges. Swap produce from your garden with someone who grows what you don’t.

2) If you are a brown thumb and often kill house plants, learn foraging and wildcrafting. Study the plants that grow around you, figure out which ones are good for food, hygiene, medicine, and cleaning. Buy yourself a good field guide for your area. I have a foraging workshop that can get you started, featuring wild foods that grow around the Okanagan region. Many of the foods that grow wild here, grow across North America and some even into Europe.

3) Stop frequenting your local clinic and look up a herbalist, natural health practitioner, naturopathic doctor, etc, in your area, or go online such as utilizing my services over the Internet. The shift here is that you are paying out of pocket for our services. This is foreign to most Canadians, but is a shift in mindset that must be made. Many in the US are used to paying out of pocket for health care, so shifting from mainstream medical to natural health practitioners won’t be as big a shift for them. But as mainstream medical crumbles, we have to change who we turn to for help.

4) Learn old-school skills that don’t require electricity to do the jobs that you currently rely on electricity for now. What electrical tools do you rely on, from the kettle and toaster oven to the saw and drill, can you replace with a skill your great grandparents learned? The less you rely on modern electronic technology, the less likely you are to purchase devices now connected online via Internet of Things, and the less likely those devices can report back to servers about your lifestyle habits. Ditch your smartphone for a dumbphone, or ditch the phone altogether and insist on being face to face for communications if your community is close-knit enough for that. Use a VPN online. Don’t frequent businesses that require mandated ID’s in the future, and look up those businesses who don’t require them and make the switch. Move out of the city. Cameras are becoming commonplace now at intersections, checkout lanes, etc. Publicly, they are there to stop shoplifting, track vehicle accident zones, etc. But many of these systems have gone IOT as well, and will be used to track the general populace. Moving out of the city can help reduce how often you show up on those cameras.

Household finances

While I applaud the voices of people such as Dr. Makis who are trying to take mainstream medical and government to task over how they are doing things now, the bigger rebellion against the establishment should be in your own personal choice to take your health back and not play the string pullers’ game. They are bringing in global tyranny via health management! Way back in 2004, I told people this is how they would do it, and they ARE doing it!

Don’t fight back on the picket line, in the protest movement, or in the public square. Instead, fight back in your own home, in your shopping and business choices, and in your day to day decision-making. In the same way that businesses now face “go woke go broke”, your choices can affect how banks, business, medical establishments, and media are impacted as well.  Being as money is what’s driving those behind the string puller efforts, money is where you need to hit back!  What you do and don’t buy, and where you buy it from, sends huge messages to those at the top who watch the numbers!

Starting today, I am offering you a monthly natural health subscription. For $50 a month, you can hold me on retainer to be available over the Internet, to ask questions and get answers about how to handle the health needs in your home. This will cover quick answers that don’t take much on my end or yours. If you bring a need that requires more than a quick answer, or requires ongoing monitoring for awhile, then additional costs may be incurred. Just a heads up. But many people run to emergency when their baby has a cold, toddler has an ear ache, or the coughs and sniffles just aren’t going away. I teach preventive and early treatment methods, but there are methods available that can be of assistance in the middle of a malady as well. If you bring something to me that requires a deeper diagnosis before recommendations can be made, I will direct you to a naturopath in your area for that diagnosis. If you are in Canada, be sure the ND you choose was not coerced into the same death trap as the mainstream medical doctors! If they were, they don’t understand natural health!

But for $50 a month, you can have a natural health practitioner ready to answer questions. If this sounds good to you, sign up here.

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