Natural Health Product Availability in Canada, What it Means for Practitioners Who Recommend Them, and Clients Who Use Them

Natural Health Product Availability in Canada, What it Means for Practitioners Who Recommend Them, and Clients Who Use Them

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At the bottom of page 29 of this discussion paper by a Canadian natural health product lawyer, is the following paragraph:

“Under our current regulations, health care practitioners are free to prepare natural remedies for their patients on an individual basis. For example, if I visited a traditional Chinese doctor, that doctor could compound a remedy for me individually under the compounding exemption. It is not clear if this exemption will continue under the new proposals. In an email exchange I had with the Health Canada point person on the Self-Care Framework, Health Canada would not confirm or deny that the compounding exemption will survive.”

As your Biblical Natural Health Coach, with a diploma in Advanced Natural Health, allowing me to put Natural Health Practitioner after my name, these changes don’t stop me from offering natural health coaching from a Biblical perspective using wholefood as medicine, food that might be growing right outside your front door. But it does mean any recommendations I could have made to fellow Canadians regarding health products they could obtain at their local healthfood store, will become even less than what little I do already.

old booksMy focus will instead, double down exponentially further on food and herbs that you grow, forage for, or buy, that you then make into your own medicines at home, following traditional concepts and dosages for safe administration. My daughter continues to uncover old, vintage, ancient books of medicine that continue to prove today’s use of many plants God has given us. They are written by people from ancient Rome, Egypt, Denmark, Germany, early days of Britain, First Nations peoples of vintage North America, etc.

I firmly believe that eating your medicine in it’s wholefood format is infinitely safer than concentrating it and/or trying to isolate it’s active components for use in medicine. High concentration can have faster results, but also lends risk of unwanted side effects.

canadaAs Canada tries to stamp out the world of natural health under a poorly-titled “self-care framework”, teaching you safe ways to use God’s medicines is paramount, and will truly lead to self-care in how you handle your own health and that of your household. My role is to help you learn how to do this, coach you along as you do it, provide questions, feedback, observations, and concerns while you do it, assist with the research necessary to do it, and ensure you have what you need to manage your health naturally.

General, common-treatment recipes will start to appear in my newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up for it, now is the time to do so. While there are many such recipes already around the ‘net that I may draw on from time to time, as a Canadian also having to deal with Bill C-11 and C18 that are now becoming law, I have a fine line to walk to continue enabling you to stay healthy in a natural manner that honours God. Use of a VPN is part of my effort to stay viable as long as possible. The Canadian Federal Government claims that canadian content creators will not be targetted by these new laws. After scanning through the 36 page discussion paper, I am considering a potential move to substack now myself, so that my content is not solely on a Canadian web server. My webhost has done me very well over the years, and I have moved various clients of mine to their services as well. In general, those clients are safe, their content would not be subject to the potential crackdown that I face as an outspoken societal rebel seeking to speak out while I can for as long as I can.

If you are Canadian, and if you don’t mind the potential to be tracked, you are free to let your voice be heard against these changes. Unfortunately, Health Canada claims they will be ramming this through regardless of feedback, so your voice of complaint can’t be solely with them, but with other arms of government that may track you as well, such as reaching out to your MP, Federal Ministry of Health, etc. It is important for me to make tracking difficult.

Change is here, and we can’t afford to continue thinking that all our needs are met “at the store”. Between Canada’s “Self-Care Framework”, the WHO’s global digital ID based on the EU’s “greenpass”, governments working toward CBDC’s and their accompanying social credit programmable back-end, the WHO’s pandemic treaty they are doggedly working toward getting accepted, etc, there is coming a day soon, when just hopping in the car to hit the store for a few things such as your medicines, will become a thing of the past. This is not alarmism, this is reality as it is being crafted by the string pullers! Refusal to face reality is denial, and when it comes to your health, denial will quite literally kill you!

Writing down your goalsTake charge of your health now! If you rely on medications from the store, list them, write down why you use them, whether they are over-the-counter, or prescribed. If they are prescribed, they are mainstream medicine from Big Pharma. If they are over-the-counter from well-known name brands, they are likely from Big Pharma as well, (Bayer aspirin, Tylenol, etc). If the store name you write down is a healthfood store, all medicines you list under that store may no longer be available to you once the “Self-Care Framework” takes hold. Knowing why you use each medication will make it easier to figure out safe, herbal alternatives that you can make for yourself at home.

The key thing to understand about natural health is that unlike mainstream medical and Big Pharma, natural health is not about addressing symptoms. It’s about addressing causes and engaging in prevention. Symptom management does not heal you, it manages the problem instead, which is where Big Pharma and mainstream medical earn their money. They can’t do that as easily with natural health products, so here in Canada, they will levy unreasonably huge fees to kill off access to them.

Unless they begin engaging in book burning, the dissemination of knowledge and the monitoring of how that knowledge is used, can’t be halted. It can only be forced underground.

Stay safe, and stay healthy! Keep your head on swivel!

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