Cancer In the Jab and How to Deal With It

Cancer In the Jab and How to Deal With It

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September 19th, Infowars published an article sharing testimony from the USA’s top toxicologist, urging senators to halt the covid “vaxx” due to the presence of SV40 sequences that had been known to cause cancer in polio shot recipients in the past. SV40 is short for Simian Hemmorhagic Fever, and Simian is the scientific label for monkeys. Dr Lindsay said the sequence from SV40 is an insertional mutagenesis situation that causes cancer. Muta- mutation, Gen – birth or beginning, -sis, state.

Cancer is a state where the cell doesn’t get the signal to stop dividing into more cells, and continues to do so unabated. Normally the body will tag such cells for removal, but when unable to, it will build a barrier around the cells that we call a tumor, in an effort to slow it down or at least segregate it from the rest of the body.

It has been my belief since the so-called “vaxx” was rolled out, that the string pullers built in the “decade of pandemics” into the shot. The discovery of segments of SV40, marburg, heavy metals, graphene oxide, nanotech, and other ingredients bear this out.

How do we deal with this? There are three primary ways:

First, by our average, everyday food intake.

~ Eating metal-chelating foods such as ginger, onions and garlic.
~ Eating anti-cancer foods such as garlic, onions and potatoes.
~ Eating anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, onions and pineapples.
~ Eating our antioxidants such as ginger, onions, and pumpkin seeds.

If your weekly food choices don’t contain the above food types (and there are more foods than the examples given in each category), it’s time to adjust your regular diet for the better.

Incidentally, Dr. Mcullough has found that Bromelain is a good compound to break down the spike protein in the blood. Bromelain is found in Pineapples and the reason a pineapple chunk bites back when you bite into it!

exerciseSecond, get out and move a little!

A July 30, 2023 article that appeared on CTVnews, shared that as little as to 2 minutes of vigorous exercise per day could assist the body in reducing exposure to or developing cancer. I don’t trust CNN as far as I can throw them, but the CTV article shared this quote:

“Understanding the health impact of vigorous activity in daily life is important because for many it may be more manageable, said CNN fitness contributor Dana, a mind-body coach for professional athletes.”

This echoes what I feel about exercise, that it should be functional exercise obtained through the usual efforts of daily life. Activity such as chopping firewood, hauling laundry across the house, kneading bread, pushing a mower around the lawn, going up and down stairs to put stuff away, etc. If your life is generally quite sedentry, it’s time to ask yourself why.

The study that CTV’s reporter was looking at also commented:

“Previous early-stage trials (showed) that VILPA (Vigorous Intermittent Lifestyle Physical Activity) leads to rapid improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness,” Stamatakis said in an email. “Cardiorespiratory fitness, in turn is linked to less insulin resistance and chronic inflammation, both of which are major risk factors for cancer.”

Dr Mercola is fond of encouraging exercise for the fending off of many bodily ailments, simply because when you get the body moving, you also get your lymph moving, which is a primary attack vector for the body to tag and remove harmful threats. Moving the body also brings fresh air into the system which benefits the brain, allowing you to think more clearly, and brings fresh oxygen into body cells in general. Too much oxygen causes trouble, hence the need for anti-oxidant foods to help the body keep everything in balance, but too little oxygen is a bigger problem.

Thirdly, helping the body tag cells for removal is more important than ever now, and a big way Mercola has found to deal with this, is a brief trip to the sauna one or more times a week. If you can’t handle a wet sauna, use a dry sauna. The sauna heat causes the body’s autophagy (tag cells for removal) behaviour to step up a few notches, which helps the body flush out harmful toxins, dead cells, and malformed or poorly-functioning cells.

Exercise, in combination with a carefully-curated food chart for daily and weekly nutritional intake, is extremely important now both for the “vaxxed” and unvaxxed population.

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