TVA Found in Red Meat Shown to Aid Fight Against Cancer

TVA Found in Red Meat Shown to Aid Fight Against Cancer

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Sitting here today fighting off a throat cold, with mental clarity returning but still wrapped up to handle the required sweating whenever it shows up, means putting the brain to work and tripping across an interesting red meat study.

“…studies that focus on individual nutrients can be used to identify the molecular mechanisms underlying nutritional influences on human health and disease, as well as effectiveness of therapies.

As a natural food component, TVA has high translational potential as a dietary element in therapeutic approaches to improve clinical outcomes of diverse anti-cancer therapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, T cell engagers and CAR-T and T cell receptor T cell therapy. Epidemiological studies suggest that the circulating levels of TVA in humans are associated with lower adiposity, diabetes risk and systemic inflammation, …

For example, consuming red meat may provide TVA for improved anti-tumour immunity, but a high intake of red meat has been positively associated with risk of many cancers, including breast, colorectal, colon and rectal cancer31.”

Contrast that last statement to those who are discovering that the carnivore diet is more beneficial than the 80/20 plant to meat diet that is often recommended by those in the natural health space. It should be noted that many of the voices against the benefits of meat, also seem to be left-leaning and in the globalist/environmentalist/eat bugs camp. So be careful about the sources that inform your knowledge. for example, has been shown over the past few years, to favour those who push a mainstream medical narrative as well as globalist “trust the science” narratives that have resulted in the banning of various scientists from it’s platform. As this is where this study came from, it is understandable they would speak out against eating the very food they are studying. As with any mainstream research, the tendency to be hyper-focussed on individual nutrients rather than on the synergistic working-together of the various nutrients that make up a whole food, is once again presented here.

The report gave a supplementation dietary chart, and shows the percentages of the compounds as they appear in various food-related compounds. Casein and L-Cystine both contain TVA. Casein apparently contains 200 gms of TVA. The only other supplemental food on the chart to have a higher rating of TVA, was corn starch, and that is no longer recommended due to how GMO’d corn has become around the world. If you can find non-GMO corn starch, including it in your sauce thickeners and such will be beneficial, particularly as the causes of cancer continue to climb and now include the death jabs with their turbo-cancers. Otherwise, the bioavailability of Casein as found in red meat, is your go-to!

The keys to addressing any threat of any given food (and you can find threats from every food you eat), is moderation and preparation. Secondly, the dangers caused by one food are often mitigated by paring it up with another food that addresses those dangers. Another herbalist was talking about this on a blog article I chanced across earlier this summer. She was talking about high-oxylate foods and how paring them with anti-oxidants keeps any threat in check. She listed off 20 high-oxylate foods and at the end, said she eats and enjoys all of them, and then shared how she offsets the threat. I agree with that approach.

The modern concept of binge-eating, over-indulgence, must pile the plate high, etc, is where many of the dangers in foods come from. Secondly, your family ancestry and where they used to live will contribute to the foods your own system can and can’t handle safely. If your ancestry leads back to northern Europe, the Inuit, etc, then a meat-heavy diet may just be what the doctor ordered. But if your ancestry comes from south-east Asia, the Golden Triangle, and other oriental areas, chances are that a diet heavier on the vegetables may be better for you. If your family ancestry hails from India, the Middle East, and many parts of Africa, a diet high in dairy, grains, nuts and spices with a fair bit of red or red-adjacent meats is on your table.

The globalist concept that no one should be eating meat is a population control farce. The bug-eating issue, while safe from a survivalist perspective, requires the eating of foods that assist in the management or removal of potential parasites. But there again, we’re dealing with preparation. Knowing that God in His wisdom accommodated for a wide range of health issues as well as what people would do down through the millenia, is fascinating to uncover! God has anti-parasitic foods and spices to aid in one’s pursuit to stay healthy.

In spite of the left-leaning university these researchers paired up with, and in spite of how far left the magazine is that they published through, and the fact they themselves are doing the “separate, study and try to synthesize” routine, their findings do point to the mounting benefits of eating red meat!

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