Are we Flogging Dead Horses or Being Proactive About Our Health?

Are we Flogging Dead Horses or Being Proactive About Our Health?

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I don’t know about you, but watching people repeatedly flog a dead horse is tiring to say the least, particularly when that dead horse actually died years ago and it’s fright factor along with it!

But here we are again, trying to pump up the dread while trying to sell the waking public on the dangers, I mean benefits of yet more so-called “vaccines”! I have to put that in quotes, because what they’re pushing isn’t an actual vaccine as we used to understand them, it’s gene-editing! As more of the gene-edit tools and mechanisms in covid mRNA “vaxx” vials come to light, the chorus is getting louder to stop their delivery while people like Bill Gates and Big Pharma research new and novel ways to deliver these edits via patches, oral cheek wafers, ultra-sound, GMO’d food (which is the worst way to deliver as most of it gets destroyed long before it can do anything and the rest gets attacked on it’s way through the gut, leaving anything left behind ripe for the picking by any chelating agents you may choose to eat, probably same with the wafer, but what does Gates know. . . if the lie sells, then who cares, right???).

But. . . if you can spare a few weary brain cells to tuck away a proposed list for the next 6 years of this “decade of pandemics”, here it is. I’ve written about several of these already on my author and natural health coaching blogs, because mainstream news has been testing the waters to see how the public would react if they hint at another pandemic by any of them. While they are doing social demographic research to know how to frame the next pandemic to get maximum fear-reaction, myself and others are using these PR tests to remind you that the threats on their list aren’t as big as they will try to get you to believe. We just need to go back into history, go back into research paper archives, some of which aren’t so far back in history as string pullers would like you to believe, and work on our preventive measures NOW!

If one was to believe the threatened hype around several of the threats on this list, the logical result would be most of Africa wiped out by now, but the fact they have learned how to maintain their health in the face of various threats on this list shows us that we too, in climates NOT condusive to these threats without lab gain-of-function enhancement, can either repel them, hold them at bay, or recover from them just as people do in their countries of origin.

It is important to note that the US southern border invasion is not merely an invasion of military-aged men, nor an invasion of bought and paid-for democrat voters, but mainstream media is hinting that diseases are coming with them, that were supposedly stamped out by mainstream medical on North American shores.

  • Remember the earlier note about climates not conducive to the spread and growth of certain diseases typically coming from warmer and more tropical regions.
  • Secondly, remember that it wasn’t vaccines that wiped out polio, the Black Plague, and TB, it was increased community and personal hygiene! I’m not talking about the level of hygiene that kills off good bacteria as well as bad and leaves you wide open to threats because you never left anything for your body to learn from. I’m talking about a level of hygiene that allows good bacteria to grow and keep the bad bacteria in check so that it isn’t allowed to get out of hand and create a health crisis. Without good bacteria around, bad bacteria multiplies exponentially and leads people to insane cleaning regimens trying to tamp it down. Healthy cleaning habits have a similar effect on virus proteins, although scientists remain confused by how such protein exozomes work, just that the body sometimes needs help cleaning up after them or people have been known to die or sustain permanent injury, particularly the elderly, infirm, and very young.
  • Thirdly, remember that low-level inoculation also happens when you come into contact with carriers of the disease or infection, and your body builds the necessary defences to fight off the actual infection if it ever occurs.

Vesicular_stomatitis_virus_(VSV)_EM_18_loresYou actually live every single day, surrounded by and carrying inside you, various harmful virus proteins and bacteria that would kill someone who had never been exposed to them. Your body has a memory store via T-cells, that get activated any time those threats rear up, the body’s immune system is activated, the threat is conquered, and you carry on about your day never knowing the battle that just occurred. Occasionally, this battle picks up to such intensity that you notice and need to take steps to ensure your body wins the fight.

The ability of your body to fight off infection is directly proportionate to:

  • The nutritional/medicinal tools you give it,
  • Where your health sits on your personal priority list, and
  • Your personal sense of hygiene around house and home.

The last point your body’s ability rests on, is your family genetics, but doctors have discovered that you can flip genes on and off by how you consistently act on the choices you make. These choices affect any offspring you give birth to as well.

We are in the month of January 2024, and while many make lofty resolutions they lose desire to work on, taking incremental steps to improve your health should be a daily todo, not a New Year’s Resolution! Notice I said “incremental”.

groceryshoppingChange one thing about your grocery list each week, and make the change something that is a replacement for something else. Don’t make the change about removal, make it about replacing. Replace pop with kombucha for example. Replace potatoe chips with snack crackers. Replace brightly-coloured candy with candied ginger, candied elececampane, etc. Replace sugar with unpasteurized honey, low-processed stevia (high processed isn’t much better than highly-refined cane sugar!), etc. Replace pre-sliced sandwich meat with it’s long list of ingredients, with cheap utility roasts that you pre-cook and slice yourself. You can even cut the raw roast into chunks to toss in the freezer, and only pull out what you will cook and slice for eating for a few days at a time.

exerciseChange one thing about your physical movement each week or every 2 weeks. Use your daily chores as opportunities to exercise. Instead of driving 5 minutes to the store or mailbox, walk! You’ll simultaneously get aerobic exercise, fresher air, and synthesize vitamin D, just in that shift alone. A 5min drive is often a 15 min walk roughly, and most aerobic exercise gives benefit in at least 15 – 30 min of engagement. This suggestion is not to be construed as caving to string puller 15min City prisons, but it may give you a window into what they could trap you within if they impose this in your area in coming years. A one hour walk one way, in any direction, is a goal you should shoot for, not merely for exercise, but to do your own scouting to know what to prepare for. If asked why you are out for such a long walk, tell them the surface reason: you’re getting some fresh air, vit D and exercise. That’s not a lie, then continue with the secondary reason you’re out there.

Moments of RestChange one thing about your evening routine that will help you get better sleep at night. If you don’t have a bedtime routine, maybe this is your year to build one that you find enjoyable, calming, that lets you unwind, etc. This isn’t to feed into the indulgent self-care industry out there so much as it’s intended to lower the day’s stresses to enable your body to do it’s nightly repair job. The body does most of it’s repair work while you are sleeping, so the nutritional/medicinal tools you gave it at your meal and snack times, the vit D and fresh air you gave it while out doing your errands, and the lymphatic movement received while going about the movement of your day all combine to fill the toolbox your body will pull from when you place your head on your pillow.

As you make these incremental changes one week or every two weeks throughout the coming year, you will eventually begin to see improvements in various areas of your health, AND build defenses necessary should lab variants of tropical diseases manage to take hold in climates they don’t normally survive in.

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