Fairs, Tours, Courses and Dreams. Some Local, Some Global

Fairs, Tours, Courses and Dreams. Some Local, Some Global

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We had a really good time at the Artful Hand Sanctuary Fair this past Sunday! The attitudes that walked past our table this year were far more neutral-to-welcoming/interested, than a year ago! We had a number of really good conversations, and for a wellness fair, actually came close to our financial base target, which is to earn back our table fee. If we’d sold 3 more bags of tea and two more cups of tea, we’d have achieved that goal.

But we welcomed four more people to our mailing list who want to hear of future foraging workshop dates. If you are in Kelowna, Vernon or Lumby and would like to attend an in-person foraging workshop/tour, please let me know the dates you would commit to. I have one person hoping for dates in the latter half of June. I will build a spreadsheet of the dates you request, and announce from there. If you have a group you’d like to bring along, touch base with them as to the dates that work best for them, and then let me know.

I’m bantering around the idea of doing a weekly or bi-weekly talk. Topics might include introductions and discussions around specific herbs, issues of the day – what God says about them in His Word and how they affect our health, maybe a crafting night where a herb previously discussed is now used in a food preparation, medicine, hygeine item, etc, perhaps talks built around how our spiritual, physical, social etc environment affects our health and how aspects of our health affect our interaction with the environment we find ourselves in.

Curly Dock Bread TextureI’m daydreaming about this being where we can enjoy a cup of one of Ashtree Wildcrafting’s teas, perhaps enjoying a wildcrafted nibble during the talk, etc. Where I live, I’m uncertain if I could rent space to do this or not, I have to talk to the guy in charge of such things in my gated community. As we live in a tiny home, there isn’t room to host this in my own home. If we don’t meet in person, I could do this over the Internet using various video conferencing tools out there. Many of them have a usage fee attached, and I try to steer clear of big names such as Zoom, Google, Facebook, X (Twitter) or Youtube. There is a subscription-based video service called “locals” that is hosted by Rumble. Whichever way I look at going with this, there could be fees attached, I’m just not sure of the rate at the moment. In person would have printed handouts, perhaps costs around ingredients used for nibbles that were only partly wildcrafted (such as my curly dock bread, or wild-herbed riccotta cheese) and room rental.

One person at a previous craft fair told me of a lady who used to hold such talks in her home before the pandemic, but never started them back up again after restrictions lifted. I was saddenned to hear this, as it shows how even those in the natural health space were affected by string puller-mandated silliness.

If this idea appeals to you, how would you fit it into your schedule for regular attendance? Would a daytime slot work better for you, an evening slot work better, a specific day/evening of the week when you know that more often than not, you’d be in attendance?

Remember that I bring a perspective from God’s Word, the Bible, and will reference His Words from time to time. This will occur whether in person or over video conference just as it does on occasion in my blog articles.

The Poor Man's Budget: A 5 Week Course - Learning to Live Within Your MeansI was recently asked if I had any courses. From the perspective of natural health coaching, no I do not as yet. But I do have a budgetting course that I’ve written and can do with people in person. It’s a 5 week course that deep dives into your household finances in a way that lets you figure out how to better allocate your available funds so that needs are more easily addressed. Two weeks are dedicated to grocery shopping, with one week doing the various assessments and the second week addressing those assessments. Even back in 2016 when I first published this course and wasn’t even thinking about going into natural health, using food as medicine in a budget-conscious manner still took more priority than other budgetting considerations. This is because the concept of food as medicine has been in my home since my children were small, AND raising them on less than a shoestring budget taught me a lot that many who teach how to live on shoestring budgets don’t seem to address. So these lessons are written down and available for you either to do alone on your own time, or to do in a group. Alone, you only have the cost of the workbook, journal, and instructor’s manual. In a group, you also have the costs of my time and overhead to run the course in person.

Two workshops are available for you to download and take on demand at your leisure. One is called The Spike Relief Workshop. This is for those who want to know how to fight COVID or other single-strand RNA viruses. This workshop is for those who are or who know others who are fighting the effects of shedding from being around others who are “vaxxed”. This workshop is also for those who got “vaxxed” and find themselves either dealing with adverse effects to varying degrees, or who regret their decision and want to figure out how to detox from the “vax”. Many people felt coerced, even blackmailed into taking the “vax”, so there is no judgement here, only concern for your longterm welfare and those you regularly come into contact with.

foraging work shop with Marilynn Dawson, NHPThe other workshop is my online intro-to-foraging workshop, which is great for those who are too far away to do in-person workshops with me, and also for those for whom nailing down a schedule is really difficult. This workshop can also be downloaded and taken at your leisure. It doesn’t come with the foraging notebook or pen, that is a separate purchase, but it does have it’s own set of downloadable handouts.

Who knows, maybe starting up a series of talks will lead to writing natural health courses. I’ve already had daydreams about writing a Daily Vacation Bible School program using God’s Word to introduce children to the wonderful world of plants and herbs that God gave us for our food and healing. Sometimes I joke with my daughter that we should put on a workshop entitled: Herbal Medicine For You and Your Horse.

Anyway, the longer answer to the question about courses, is that there are thoughts and ideas running around that I have yet to flesh out. Knowing about the health issues that are dearest to your own heart and situation can be useful as I consider what people want to learn and how they want to learn it.

Ashley and I will be at the Lumby Days Indoor Craft Fair this coming Saturday and Sunday, the 15th and 16th. Their theme is Rock ‘n Roll and they are asking vendors to dress up themselves and their tables. We’ll see how such a theme works with our natural wood/live edge/wildcrafted presentation, but we have ideas. If you are around that weekend, it would be great to see you in person again! The Indoor Craft Fair is being held at the Lumby Curling Rink. Unless things change, our next fair date is August 11th at the Oyama Garlic Festival! So July is currently open for foraging workshops, as is the latter half of June. August 27th is another wellness fair and then there is the Vernon Wellness Fair October 5th and 6th.

Biblical Natural Health CoachingForaging can be done year-round, it just changes each season as to what is and isn’t available. When it comes to planning your household medicines, pantry, hygiene and cleaning products, knowing when you can harvest things is important to knowing when it will be available for use. This builds in a lifestyle rhythm that has mostly been lost to commercialisation of everything. So don’t worry if summer is a bad time for you to attend a foraging workshop, there are things in fall you can’t harvest in spring, and things in winter that are easiest to harvest after the first frosts have come and gone. There are plants in spring that you can’t harvest in summer because their season is over and they die off for the year. So foraging workshops can be held any time of year.

Do you like the idea of regular talks?

Is there a natural health subject you’d love to take a course on?

What dates would you positively LOVE to see announced for another in-person foraging workshop?

Talks and courses can happen both in-person as well as online, so if you are reading this blog article and you don’t live in the Okanagan, don’t worry, send me your feedback anyway, either by commenting where you saw this article shared, or directly by email to: bnhc@naturalhealthgodsway.ca

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