Urgent! mRNA Warning from Japan and What We Need to be Doing About it!

Urgent! mRNA Warning from Japan and What We Need to be Doing About it!

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If you haven’t taken my Spike Relief Workshop yet, now is the time to do so, particularly if you are concerned about what is coming down the pipe but don’t have the time to do the research. My workshop contains handouts which include various food charts showing foods, herbs and spices that contain the necessary nutrients and phytochemicals to prevent, mitigate, or chelate the mRNA threats that are now floating around us. If Moderna gets their way, rumour has it they intend to make ALL vaccines, mRNA treatments, beginning with their RSV “vaxx” that just recently reached market. It doesn’t matter to them what the numbers say in the injury databases. It doesn’t matter to them what the numbers say in the fertility clinics. What matters is what Bill Gates told them about depopulation through “vaccine”, a sentiment predicted by Auldus Huxley during an interview of his book, Brave New World. Check out this latest news from Japan on what could be unleashed this fall! (note the timing is a month before US elections!)

If you are a born-again Christian, if you haven’t been praying against the forces of evil pushing this on everyone, now is the time to start! God predicted in the book of Revelation, that those who pushed their sorceries (greek word is pharmakea) would not repent of them! We are seeing some extremely unrepentant behaviour from Big Pharma and those pushing them to do what they are doing. Times are getting urgent! While voices out there blame all our troubles on Christianity or Judaism or Islam, the truth is, even those who do not espouse Christianity are under attack simply for being alive!

I urge you, I implore you! . . . Take action if you haven’t already!

Make sure your soul is on course for Heaven if God allows you to die because you were too close to someone shedding. None of us knows when our time to leave this earth will come or how it will come. It could be a car accident, an illness, old age, or by some other means. But once we leave this earth, where we spend eternity will be “in stone” as the saying goes. Now is the time, while you are still breathing, to ensure your destination on the other side of death’s door! If you’ve never picked up a Bible before, flip immediately to the Gospel of John, and you can still do that on the Internet if you wish at various Bible websites such as blueletter or biblegateway or youversion, etc. My own tiny corner of the Internet at Ixthuscatacombs.online has a searchable Bible with multiple languages there as well. Whatever happens here on earth, be sure you know where you’re going before you leave!

Make sure your cupboards and pantry are stocked with the foods, herbs and spices necessary to break the mRNA and prevent it from doing it’s job in your body! Dandelion and Pine needles are two huge recommendations, alongside peppermint and red meat! There’s four free pieces of advice you don’t have to go looking for! My daughter’s wildcrafted tea busineashtreewildcrafting - Pine Gardenss sells a pine-featured tea blend that can be added to your pantry and yes, we ship! God says he who witholds more than is meet will be cursed, but he who sells it will be blessed. She sells this tea on her ashtreewildcrafting.ca website. Her tea costs $12 for a 20-30 cup (1 tspn per cup) bag. My workshop only costs $20 and can be taken at your leisure when you can carve out just over an hour of your time to sit and listen, then flip through the handouts. $20 is cheap compared to what I paid for some of the info in this workshop, but the rest was researched so you don’t have to if you don’t have time to.

Make sure you organize your daily routine so that you are getting enough sleep, as that is when your body will do the most repair work.

If at all possible, wean yourself off “The System” and do more for yourself than what you buy downtown. This will reduce your exposure to those who might carry the spike protein and other mRNA particles, but also feed, clothe and manage your home without quite as many harmful chemicals in the mix. It won’t remove your exposure to all harmful chemicals, but will reduce them. Weaning off the system includes reducing how much time you spend on your phone, removing wifi from your home as much as possible and going back to ethernet cabling to use your laptop or desktop to get around online. The less EMF your body has to fight against, the more resources your body will have to fight invaders and stay healthy.

Make sure you find time for functional exercise. Functional exercise includes walking instead of driving, not because string pullers want you walking, but because the movement helps your lymph system do it’s job, which works to help the body’s immune system respond better. But ssshhhhh, don’t tell the string pullers their desire to make you stop driving may backfire on their plans to kill you off! Functional exercise includes lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, etc. I joke with people sometimes that who needs a gym when you look after a horse! Or who needs a gym when you have to climb half a dozen stairs multiple times a day to get laundry done and put away. Or who needs a gym when you have to walk 3 blocks to get the groceries and walk home again. Make your daily tasks work for you. Where I live in a gates community, people drive their golf carts everywhere. Leave it parked and walk the 15 minutes across the neighbourhood instead! Pull a grocery cart behind you to pack stuff your taking with you. Of course if its inclement weather this requires careful planning to keep things dry, and if it’s icey out, you may want the grip of winter tires to get you there. So be reasonable, but look for ways your daily tasks can contribute to low-impact exercise.

foraging work shop with Marilynn Dawson, NHPMy Foraging NotebookOne way you can fit in low-impact exercise, is by going out into the wild and bringing home your food, herbs and spices. This is known as foraging, though some call it rewilding. If you’ve never done this before, I have an online foraging workshop you can take at your leisure for a $20 registration fee. I also have a notebook now called My Foraging Notebook, available from Lulu and Barnes & Noble. For those in the Central/North Okanagan, I offer in-person foraging workshops provided you’ve committed to a date by registering. In-person workshops cost $30 and include the foraging notebook, pen, workshop, and trail tour. Interestingly, many wild foods contain many of the compounds we need to fight off the string pullers’ war on our health. If you get creative with what you find, you can replace salad fixings, teas, pot herbs, wilted greens, change up your spice rack, make your own medications and cleaning supplies including personal hygiene, make your own floor mats, baskets, hats, and more! The best part is that you can do a fair bit of this without ever going to the store. You still need some things like salt, vinegar, and other things, but if you figure out how to source those yourself, you can further reduce your dependence on The System.

I’ve written before about ways we can deal with the “Decade of Pandemics“, Huxley’s prediction, Monkey Business, and more. Time to get busy! Your health and that of your household depends on it!

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