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June 2023

A client came to me near the end of June 2023, complaining of upset stomach that various over-the-counter medicines wouldn’t touch. This client had had their gallbladder removed over five years ago. Gaviscon used to settle the tummy. Baking soda was kind of working. Switching to Tart Cherry and Sauerkraut weren’t touching it either. The client complained of burning in the stomach that just wouldn’t go away, queeziness, etc. Returning to baking soda would amplify mucous generation that seemed salty and the mucous would take awhile to clear out every morning.

I recommended several herbs that are known to calm the stomach, aid in regenerating the stomach lining, and lower stomach acidity while also recommending actions that lower mucous generation in the upper respiratory system. I encouraged my client to steep these herbs in a tea before bed each evening for a week or two, and let me know how it went.

Imagine my delight when they came to me three days later, saying that not only had it quieted their stomach and drastically lowered their mucous generation, but their spouse tried the tea too, and woke up without any pain the next day! Apparently the spouse often wakes up with terrible pains in early morning hours, but after trying the tea, they didn’t get awakened by pain at all!

The time span between advice and report, was just three days. Day one: issue and recommendation, Day two, client putting the tea together, Day three, report after just one cup!

Food as Medicine Works!!!

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