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Satisfaction Pie PDF

Enjoy this fun little Satisfaction Pie and find out who or what is eating your pie!






pox grocery list - S.M.A.R.T. Biblical Natural Health Coach, Marilynn Dawson, NHPSample *Pox Grocery List

Built from my article on various herbal treatments of pox through the years.

Click the image to open a larger version of it that you can download and print to 8.5×11 paper.





Food As Medicine in the Nuclear Age Food Chart

Built from my article by a similar name:  Medicine under a Radioactive Cloud


Printable holiday grocery list
Print to 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Click to download the PDF

Holiday Grocery List

Built from my article:  Be a Rebel and Enjoy the Holidays!

Click the image to download and print, or click the grocery list link to print the PDF

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