Biblical Natural Health Coaching

Natural Health God’s Way!

Biblical Natural Health CoachingInterested in Biblical Natural Health Coaching?

Allow me to help you learn how to maintain your daily health – body, soul and spirit – in a natural, God-honouring way using God-honouring methods.

Can I ask you a question???

~ Are you tired of being told that to be healthy, you have to be vegetarian or vegan?

~ Are you bothered by holistic practitioners who use methods that focus on self as the answer instead of God?

~ Do you believe, or want to believe, that prevention is the best medicine?

~ Want to get away from diets, fads and gimmicks?

Follow this 2-step process:

1) Download the following Intake Packet and be sure to sign everywhere that asks for a signature.

Client Disclaimer and intake forms

Instructions for completing the Intake Packet:

    • If you are using Foxit Reader to view the PDF, (many other readers have this feature), click the type tool and fill in most of the blanks right there in your PDF reader.
    • Save it as a new document.
    • Print out the pages that need your signature and after signing,
    • Scan to PDF and give it a recognizable file name.

2) Fill out the following form, and when I send you confirmation that I’ve received your contact request, you’ll also get notification of where you can upload your documents ahead of your first meeting.  So watch your inbox!

Your first meeting with me is 100% free!  After going over your intake packet, a meeting schedule will be established that works for both of us, along with a payment schedule.

    DISCLAIMER:  Marilynn is NOT a physician!  As a Natural Health Practitioner, her Biblical natural health coaching centers around helping you learn how to manage and maintain your own health naturally.  Various assessments may be used to understand where you are right now, but Marilynn’s services are complementary to your doctor, ideally a naturopathic doctor, not in replacement of your doctor.  If you are concerned you might have a given condition, get confirmation from your doctor.  Marilynn’s focus will be on teaching you how to maintain the health of your body’s various systems.

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