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My Legal Ability to Offer Wildcrafted Medicine

Below, please find links and/or PDF’s, that inform my ability to provide you with wildcrafted medicine as my client.  You are NOT considered my client, UNLESS you have filled out and signed my client intake form!  I MUST have that form on file, not merely for the preparation of wildcrafted medicine, but to ensure no contraindications to any medicines you are already taking, any allergies or sensitivities you have, any conditions where a food or herb could exacerbate it, etc.

Refusal to sign my client intake form means I am unable to provide you with wildcrafted medicine of any type.


According to Shawn Buckley in his discussion paper on the new rules, he says:

“Under our current regulations, health care practitioners are free to prepare natural remedies for their patients on an individual basis. For example, if I visited a traditional Chinese doctor, that doctor could compound a remedy for me individually under the compounding exemption. It is not clear if this exemption will continue under the new proposals. In an email exchange I had with the Health Canada point person on the Self-Care Framework, Health Canada would not confirm or deny that the compounding exemption will survive.”

There are action steps he recommends you take if you are comfortable being noticed for standing up for your right to personal health care.  As the age of hyper-invasive surveillance and punishment for going against government/string-puller efforts increase, this is a risk you need weigh carefully.

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