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It contains chokecherry leaf and berry, sagewort, ground ivy, spearmint, catnip, juniper berry, pine needles, and great mullein, and this tea was put to emergency use the day he was sent home from the hospital Emergency room with the doctor claiming  he had nothing of note and to take it easy. 

How the doctor said that, and the wording he used, told us more by what he didn’t say, than by what he did.  He’d come down with H1N1, and this tea helped him through it, opened and cleared his lungs, and fought off the bug with the help of Oil of Oregano.  By the time he kicked the flu, he would start preparing another cup of tea and his lungs would start to ache as if the ingredients were already clearing them out.

Pin (Red) ChokecherriesShe refers to chokecherry juice concentrate as her exertion-based asthma medication!  (and honestly, it works for my allergy-based asthma too!) Ventolin and it’s generic brand – Salbumatol, would eventually stop working for her if she took it several times a week for 3 months or more.  Quercetin, the supplement, would do the same thing after several months.

But when she discovered that chokecherry juice concentrate not only helped her manage her asthma, but actually lasted longer than 6 months with no side effects, she kept on drinking it!  Years later, she doesn’t need it every single day anymore, only making a glass on occasion or when she’s overdone it doing something.

He called it his “knockout” tea: Black tea, Ginger/fennel/mint tea, sometimes cinnamon thrown in, steeped together for up to an hour or more some days. This tea made life in the first few years following a concussion much easier to bear when the doctors would have had him on T3’s instead! 

This tea would be drunk after a bright, hot summer day, or after a loud afternoon, sometimes after extended attempts at video-editing, and if it was during the day, he’d lay down for a 2hr nap.  If it was evening, he’d then simply go to bed.  The anti-inflammatory, calming nature of these tea ingredients would calm the rim of fire around his skull, calm his headache, ease the pain behind his eyes, and the caffeine in the black tea would tip him over the edge into restful sleep.

Prickly Lettuce ACV Tincture tamed a terrible headache brought on by exposure to Marijuana, and would later tamp down pain from a tricky tooth extraction.

Prickly Lettuce has a white sap that is a natural topical anesthetic, but in tincture form, has been likened to the strength of Morphine in high enough doses.  (doses too high have a list of side effects).  We eat this lettuce in wild Caesar salads, wild green salads, and put it in winter “salad teas”.

Marilynn Dawson, NHP S.M.A.R.T. Biblical Natural Health Coach

Hi, I’m Marilynn Dawson, Natural Health Practitioner and S.M.A.R.T. Biblical Natural Health Coach.

The above are stories from immediate family members who made use of the concept of using food as medicine to overcome various ailments.

More recently, I created my own oro-nasal spray to aid in dealing with the effects of “vaxx” shedding, and both bacterial and viral activity in general.  This spray successfully knocked down a severe “cold” my son came down with, allowing him to heal within days of finally putting this spray to use every hour to every 3 hours.  When the entire household came down with what hindsight might refer to as H1N1 again, Oil of Oregano, Cinnamon and Honey, Hot lemon with cinnamon and honey, and the oro-nasal spray collectively hit the bug over the head and we were all clear of it within a week!

Some of these foods are found in the grocery store, and some are found out in the wild, but all have both nutritional and medicinal benefits depending on if they are used for food or medicine. 

Stories like these can be yours, that of your loved ones, and the stories of those you run into at the checkout counter, the restaurant table, the seniors home, and your local shelter.

Help another person learn how to use food as medicine to maintain or regain their health, naturally.

Not everyone can afford to hire a natural health practitioner, particularly people in scenarios such as:

  • She’s on fixed income and has trouble buying groceries, but food as medicine would totally help her out if she could afford to learn how.
    •  He’s on disability income. He can’t afford to hire a natural health practitioner and the dietitian’s advice doesn’t reduce his need for expensive medications.
      • She’s working a low-paying job that makes it hard to eat right, and she knows its affecting her health, but can’t afford to see a natural health practitioner to figure a way around it.
        • He lives in a shelter, goes to the foodbank, and has conditions that food as medicine would address, but no money to pay a practitioner to teach him how.

Your purchase of a crowdfunded tier, monthly subscription, or gift card, could help these and others like them

discover the power in using food as medicine to regain their health and make a difference in their pocketbook through various services I offer such as one-on-one Biblical Natural Health Coaching, workshops, group sessions, grocery lists, and more.

Your non-tax-deductible gift could literally change someone’s life and set them on a course to better health!

Bring natural health to the less fortunate in one of the following three ways:


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Use that tier yourself, or state in the purchase notes that it is for someone who can’t afford a private natural health practitioner.

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Give the gift of natural health with a gift card.

Send it to the recipient of your choice.

Whichever method you choose, you can feel good knowing you have contributed to the natural well being of fellow human.  On their behalf, whoever they are, I thank you!  

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