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Marilynn Dawson - Christian Single Mother's Stress CoachHi, I’m Marilynn Dawson,  certified Solo-Mom Agape Resource Tactician and Biblical Natural Health Coach!

I help people move away from Big Pharma by learning how to manage their health naturally, in a God-honouring way.

My Lived Experience began back when my kids where ages 3 and 5. I’d fled an abusive marriage and would find myself divorced almost 2 years later. Overwhelm coupled with an intense desire to be obtaining a career to raise my kids on my own were two driving forces back then. I am a doer, so figuring out how to do things in the best way and time possible was constantly top of mind even when all I wanted to do was cry. Financial constraints became a very real thing after graduating the training program, and that began various lessons teaching our household how to live on less than a shoestring budget (based on what most budget bloggers think people have to work with).

A major shift in my own health between 2007 and 2013 heavily and negatively hit my techsupport business as I had to slow the pace down significantly to both heal and maintain the health plateau I kept stopping at. Eventually I decided a career change was in order, because it was bothersome how people would bring me issues they needed fixed today, expecting it to be fixed 3 weeks ago! That was the stressed-out urgency they attached to their issues and I couldn’t hack that anymore.

Using food as medicine in my home was already a way of life, and it made it into my budgeting course in the grocery shopping section as a method to reduce the costs of hitting the pharmacy all the time. While each segment of that course is cause to get me chatting up a storm at times, if you asked me about grocery shopping, you’d inevitably also end up with many reasons why buying this or that was healthier than buying that or this, not merely on the pocketbook, but for the household as well. The subject would quickly turn to nutritional health.

In 2019, I began looking at how that subject could be used as a new career and began researching various Christian educational sources for nutritional health, food as medicine, certification programs. I found many who somehow believe the Bible teaches a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I found many who trained you up to be a consultant for their product line. I found several programs intended for pastors and church counsellors. Eventually I found one for the average Christian layperson, but I couldn’t complete the registration due to unforeseen circumstances springing up.

New Skills Academy Life Coach CertificationIn January 2020, I took a business coaching challenge for one week, met several Christian women in that space, and by March, felt God was leading me into coaching Christian single mothers of school-aged kids in managing their time and household finances better. This took my budgeting course content and repurposed it into 3 coaching pillars: Taming the Clock, Taming the Cupboard, and Taming the Coin. TAME stands for Time and Money Effects.

In April 2020, I got my basic Life Coaching Certification and put myself through a month of video challenges, then paid for a course in using Challenges to build a Business, put on by Pedro Adao of 100x Academy. I really like the challenge concept because it fits with how I like to get messages across in a teaching and interactive format. I did a grocery shopping challenge to crickets, and then did a Spiritual Warfare 101 9 day workshop for 4 women who enjoyed it very much.

In March 2022, I’d get my Natural Health Practitioner’s Diploma, and embark the career I wanted back in 2019.Advanced Diploma Natural Health Studies

Alternative medicine is typically understood to be expensive, particularly here in Canada where our taxes pay for our basic medical insurance, giving the illusion that up here that our medical services are otherwise free. 

This is nutritional wholefood Biblical wellness coaching, taking the concept of holistic health (body, soul and spirit) back to where it began in the Scriptures. As the world goes crazy around us and mainstream medical starts worship the concept of “science” without actually following it or asking questions to learn more about it, alternative medicine will become the safer and more reliable go-to. Christians have abandoned this space for too long, causing much of the soul and spiritual side of the equation to be saturated in false religious terminology and understandings. I fought against this even in my courses at a Christian distance-learning college. Needless to say, my teachings on spiritual warfare will be even more necessary as I guide people through maintaining their health both naturally, and Biblically.

Will you join me on this journey? If so, here is a link to the intake form here on my coaching site and the intake document to be signed and filled out before your free consultation.

Biblical Natural Health Coaching, what is it?

Life coaching in the modern world is now the paid concept of mentorship from earlier historical times. Individualistic lifestyles in the modern world often mean family is not there for each other, perhaps even non-existent. This can leave a single mother not having a clue who to go to with their home stuff, how to do things, etc. Life coaches fill that void that used to be filled by other members of more close-knit communities.

Biblical Natural Health CoachingBiblical – both a basis from which natural health is derived, and appealing to those who are considering alternative medicine but wary of the woo-woo side of it (for good reason!)

Natural – As opposed to synthetic or man-made. Whole food as opposed to pill-popping and expensive prescriptions at the pharmacy. Discovering what God created for our health and wellbeing and learning how to use it as part of our everyday lives.

Health – Addressing your health as an all-in-one unit as God created us in the beginning. Scientists and researchers are discovering more and more just how intersected our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual lives are to how our body utilizes the nutrition we give it and responds to the world around us. There’s no need to visit far eastern methods here. God has everything we need right in the pages of Scripture with principles and guidelines we can use to put information on food and health to good use.

Coaching – The manner in which someone comes alongside you to ask questions, keep you on track, guide you to answers, challenge you, educate you on the methods that will work best in your situation, etc.

I look forward to working with you as you pursue maintaining or regaining your natural health, God’s way.


Marilynn is also an A+ Certified PC Repair Technician by trade, as well as a self-published author with 26 books and counting available via Barnes & Noble and other online locations. 

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