CrowdFund Natural Health

CrowdFund Natural Health

Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, a coworker, or someone you’ve never met, pick a one-off support level to make doing natural health, God’s way, both reachable and doable.  Please read important notes in the larger description below.

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S.M.A.R.T. Biblical Natural Health CoachingImagine being forced into alternative medicine by mainstream medicine.  Imagine being waived off routinely over things that don’t have immediate symptoms at the Dr’s office, but definitely rear up intermittently at home.  Imagine being told that below a certain threshold, they won’t look at you, but over that threshold and you have a rare but untreatable condition.

These are my experiences, and what drove me into the world of natural health, and more specifically, the world of using food as medicine.  In more recent years, foraging wild food has improved my own health faster than other, more expensive options.  Now, I am bringing this knowledge to you and those you care about.  My natural health journey, combined with my faith in Jesus Christ, has culminated in doing natural health, God’s way, as a Natural Health Practitioner offering Biblical Natural Health Coaching.

Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, a coworker, or someone you’ve never met, pick a one-off support level to make doing natural health, God’s way, both reachable and doable.

If you want to aid in crowdfunding natural health but don’t want the offer attached to the support level you picked, please indicate this in your checkout notes so that you are not contacted to arrange the date and time to deliver your offer.


  • Legal Intake Forms must be completed and sent in to take advantage of tiered offers.
  • Legal Intake Forms are not necessary if tiered offers are waived.
    • If you have a change of heart after your support is paid, match your query email with your support payment email and Legal Intake Forms will be sent before engaging in your desired tiered offer.

Tier Descriptions:

$10 – One personal natural health issue, one personal suggested solution. Email/private message only.

$20 – Customized Household Grocery List or access to workshop of your choice.
Questions/intake form/info gathered via email/private message, otherwise same as $35 package. No face to face or verbal interaction.

$35 – 30min video call, one-off package: Customized Household Grocery List
learn grocery stores in area, average grocery budget, general status of household health, draft suggested grocery list from info.

$45 – 1hr one-off package: Recommended Natural Health Plan
Prerequesite outside of Legal Intake Form: Whole Food Assessment.

$65 – Recommended Natural Health Plan and one email/private message follow-up

$85 – Recommended Natural Health Plan, suggested grocery list, and one email/private message follow-up.

$125 – Complementary free discovery session, 1st paid session: Whole Food Assessment – if done before 2nd session then Recommended Natural Health Plan, 2nd paid session: RNHP if assessment was done during previous session, otherwise 2nd session is a full video call check-in.

$275 – Complementary free discovery session + 4 Biblical Natural Health Coaching sessions and email follow up between session.

$425 – Three month package creating and working your Recommended Natural Health Plan.

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