The Foraging Workshop

The Foraging Workshop


We’ve heard the term: forage, used with regards to feed given to cattle. We’ve heard the term: foraging grounds, refer to areas where wildlife tend to go for food. We’ve heard that human ancestors once foraged for their food. Generally that brought to mind scenes of hungry groups of people trying to scrape together enough food to make it to the next day. But what really is foraging?

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The cost of Living is Rising!

Transportation – Food – Housing – Utilities – Clothing

What can we do to make the dollar go further?

One of these topics can be partially addressed, almost


Did you know you can go shopping right in your own yard, just down the street, or in that empty lot nearby?

Introducing the concept of:


You may have seen “out there” presentations of food-gathering by people who hyper-spiritualize everything.

But have you heard a scientifically-based approach to the concept of food-gathering?

Learn how wilderness stewardship can put food on your table and that of your neighbours

What do you get?

Video sessions covering the following topics:

~ What is Foraging?

~ Rules and Understandings around foraging.  

~ The Foraging Lifestyle

~ Is Foraging just for food, or for other uses too?

~ What plants can you forage for in your area?

~ Benefits of Foraging.

~ etc

Handouts that feature:
~ General foraging rules to keep in mind
~ Clothing, Tools, and Safety Considerations
~ Plants that seem to be found everywhere (this is worth the price of the workshop all by itself!)
~ Food and beyond
~ Our Shampoo recipe 

Share this workshop with others who could benefit from learning how to harness the wilds of God’s Creation, to lower their monthly grocery bill.

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