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SMART Prayer Coaching

Anonymous_praying_handsSMART Prayer Coaching Services

For businesses and individuals seeking additional cover or training in the areas of prayer and spiritual warfare.

SMART Prayer Coaching services may be purchased in one-off time increments, or in bulk for ongoing support.  Be sure to read the Agreements, Understandings and Waiver of Liability.  Availing yourself of these services is signaling your acknowledgement.  The request form and purchase button are separate actions on this page.

Taming the Prayer Closet

Do you want to learn how to pray?  Do you feel that somehow, you can’t come before the Lord on your own? Is it awkward for you to pray in the presence of others? Hire the SMART Prayer Coach to learn:

  • how to pray as Jesus taught,
  • learn the various purposes of prayer,
  • learn the various types of prayer
  • learn why we pray only to the Triune God in Jesus’ name,
  • The benefits Scripture talks about when praying together with others in unity
  • The value and importance of praying in tongues
  • and more. . . 

If you want to avail yourself of either of these services, please read over the following list:

Agreements, Understandings and Waiver of Liability

  1. This is not a counseling service. If counseling is requested, recommendations will be made.
  2. In Prayer Coaching, the prayer warrior will coach the requester in how to pray for their request on their own and will agree in prayer as the requester learns how to pray over their own needs.
  3. Time, knowledge and experience are being paid for in these services, not the actual act of any prayer itself.
  4. Termination of this contract must take place via written emailed contact from one party to the other.  This creates the necessary admissible “paper trail” for accounting records.  Termination may occur at any time for any reason from either the requester or the prayer warrior.  
  5. Payment for coaching services is non-refundable following delivery of services requested.  Any unused funds at the time the contract ends or is terminated, will be refunded to the requester.

Filling out the following form signals your agreement with the above agreements, understandings and liability waiver. Processing of this form may take a few seconds, please be patient to receive confirmation your request has been sent.  Thank you in advance.

SMART Prayer Coaching

SMART Prayer Coaching

$65.00 – $397.00

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You will be contacted to confirm your request and payment, and to obtain any necessary clarity. 

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