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Taming the Coin

TAMing the Coin is a 3 month journey to better managing available funds to meet actual household needs.

There’s a lot that goes into raising a family on your own.  Finances is often a huge deal in single parent households for a wide variety of reasons.  Assess where your money is going.  Identify what is needful from what is nice-to-have/do.  Discover “found money” and how that can help you with other more pressing financial needs.  Get the kids in on the act by teaching them wants from needs and reminding you when you are considering a want before assessing the needs coming up shortly.

This module can be done as it’s own coaching unit, or as part of the larger  The Christian Single Mother’s Stress Management System, a six month journey to positive, more restful change.

Inclusive of the following two Stress tamers:

  • TAMing the Cupboard a one month journey to feeding your family better with less.
  • TAMing the Clock is a six week journey to better managing the hours we have in a day as single mothers.

Together, these journeys help Christian single mothers TAME (time and money effects) their stress. We will begin TAMing the journey causing you the most stress at this time.

Time affects everything from how smoothly life works at home every day to how errands are done, school, work and even affecting how activities out of the house are handled.

Money affects everything in a very similar way as it either facilitates or hampers what is eaten, worn, lived in, used, enjoyed, and how those are all obtained, interacted with, etc.

The goal of the Christian Single Mother’s Stress Management System is to identify and then make changes that result in more time and money to handle life better and with less stress.

Cost:  $1,500.00
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