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The Spike Relief Workshop

Welcome to The Spike Relief Workshop!  

The Spike Relief Workshop is now available “on demand” at your convenience, and I pray it is useful and beneficial for those dealing with the issues and health situations discussed in the workshop.

Cost is a mere $20! Click here to purchase access

What do you get?

Video sessions covering the following topics:

~ How did we prevent or treat corona viruses before 2020?

~ Did anything change to treat COVID-19?

~ Make-at-Home Oro-Nasal Recipe that kills corona viruses on contact!

~ Spike Shedding and how to deal with it using Food as Medicine

~ Troubling Ingredients in the “Vaxx” and how to deal with them using Food as Medicine

~ Side Effects of the shot and how to prevent, manage, or interfere with them to regain your health.

~ Research from the past 2 years combined with 7+ years of researching while foraging wild plants added to many years of using food as medicine in my own home, all together now in this one workshop!

Handouts that feature:

~ food as medicine,
~ protocols,
~ research articles
~ and more, related to the above topics.

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The Spike Workshop